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The best way is probably a question on the portals marketplace item

Yep! There are instructions here:

check the preq page linked at the top (downloading unreal engine from source) - only difference will be the repo to get.

Also recommend using VS2019

Yes, setting substepping to a fairly small value will help - but using 0lentos fixed timestepping should result in "perfection"

The branch should be easy to build (no extra steps beyond building regular ue4 source).

I'm hoping to tidy things up a bit, and see if I can get this stuff merged back into master - but would not bet on that happening any time soon, if atall.

We chatted a little on twitch Just want to share:
This is a branch which has an option for fixed timesteps - to give much more deterministic physics.
Though, I cant take credit - the work is by 0lento, my linked branch above just adds support for skeletal mesh interpolation (Which I don't think is relevant to your game)

*I see we are in the submission, not game page, list is there already

Thanks :)

I've not actually played Katamari Damacy! Though have played some similar games.

Worth mentioning, I made the "gold bag" model in the jam, and the springs/controls/everything to do with the "player" - but the forest is "broad leaf forest" from the marketplace, the troll model is from infinity blade. There is a full list of packages used in the jam submission.

I've also made a similar fluid-like pawn a couple of years ago when first encountering UE4, and custom coded similar things in C++, Actionscript and VB6 - so that part was quick to setup.

The UI (small though it is), main objective, testing, sound design and some other bits I am less familiar with is where much of the time went.
Also, arguing with myself for a day or two over what to start working on (then switching from a single gold bag to a swarm, nearly going for a "snake" like setup)

Shhh! That is a "cheat code" left in intentionally ("T" gives you a single bag - you are informed of this one upon completing the game)
Good job on finding it though! What caused you to press that key?

OK, good to know! Not sure how I didn't catch that while playing it - I'll try and make it less possible, perhaps add a 2d overlay od the plane the player will collide with.

Thanks again! Hope you had fun trying it out regardless :)

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Good point, I should have put in a quit button! I am perhaps too familar with alt+f4 to close apps, and perhaps unfairly expect others to be so too,
I'm not sure what you mean by objects that block the players view? Did a rock get placed infront of the camera? or do you mean the sunset, or something else?

Thanks for the feedback!

Well done on winning "Army of One" Just gave this a go. Couple of thoughts:
-More levels would be great ;)
-should the characters de-sync without interacting with anything? unsure if intentional or bug

Glad it works. Unsure what the issue was, migrated to a new project.
In first person, the character has no head... but looking up does let you see the inside of his neck. Willfix.
dark <-> white transasitions - agree, will try and make this smoother or more of a feature depending on the situation.


Suspect it is a mistake, link is a typo, or expired and it should not have.
Think this is the correct link?
found at:

Hey, any luck with this version?

Try this version:

Damn, can you give me any more details on the error?

Very nice! Cool concept, well implemented, good art, lots of nice little details!

Ah-ha - the app already does this :)


Just picked up - and on that page the supported platforms are listed below each game

However, looking at my purchases page - no such luck.

Can we have a platform-filter on the purchases page at least? if not sitewide?