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A jam submission

AF: UPGRADEView game page

Action + Story Boomer-Shooter
Submitted by BuddyDoQ (@steamburgerstud) — 10 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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AF: UPGRADE's page

Team Name
Brian Mayberry

Game Name
AF: Upgrade

Link to Gameplay Footage

List any content that was created before the jam.
Unreal Engine default content

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Gameplay Instructions
WADS - Move
Mouse 1 - Shoot
R - Reload
Q, CTRL, Mouse 5 - Kick
E - Grab

Game will loop back to the intro screen when over. The opening exposition may be skipped by pressing any key.

What platform is your game built for?


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  • Adds gamepad support.
  • Opening cutscenes skip (press any key). 
  • Adds new melee enemy type with increased holo-guard population + overall difficulty slightly increased.

Upgrade!  Upgrade!  I think I reloaded 237 times.  I loved kicking the walls down!  Nice work


Haha that's awesome, thank you very much! I spent too much time the necessary amount of time on that reload, I appreciate knowing it got appreciate lol


Interesting - generally looked good, played smooth - but felt a bit simple/empty
Could be tempting to have some more types of enemies, and varied AI
A little more complexity in level design, with spaces to take cover, and more objects to kick could work well too


Thank you for checking it out! Thank you for the feedback, I strongly agree! Super tempted to make a post-jam version turning this and other great feedback into action.


Very enjoyable, excellent audio and presentation. Congratulations ^^


Thank you very much! :D


I enjoyed the juice of the game and the voice acting was a nice touch. Nice work!


Thank you so much!


The game looks great, the story is fun and overall a pretty well made little jam game. The gameplay could perhaps used a bit more ideas, and the enemies AI could also have been a bit better, but none of this is a big issue. Overall a pretty good jam game. Well done.


Thank you so much for the kind words and for checking out the game! Ahh, the enemies AI, it's so hard to get just right! I ended up choosing story first and made them slow to aim + fire to keep the momentum going for the widest range of player skills. I agree that it could have more gameplay variety! I wanted to explore the box grab mechanic I built but ran out of time to fully utilize.