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Absolutely yes :)

Thanks!  Absolutely yes, we will give more information after the results of the jam ^^

Thank you for your feedback and congratulations on your score!
We're already working on the "post-Jam" version of the prototype, the logic you say for the movement is interesting and I'll put it in our notes, thanks! ^^

Adorable *__*

Amazing! Very cool game!

Thanks! ^^

Nice idea and character :)

Congrats, nice Snake concept

Very nice :)

Particular and with a remarkable artistic style, congratulations! ^.^

Cool effects and music! ^^

Thank you! :)

Very enjoyable, excellent audio and presentation. Congratulations ^^

Very nice! ^^

It's really a great  jam game, congratulations! I tried it with my wife, it's fun and beautiful. I will gladly follow any future developments!

Very cool! Love it! *__*

Tried it and conceptually it interests me, unfortunately the game stopped several times with the characters stopped and not attacking. Also when you switch to the airplane mission the change is too immediate and I crashed straight away. I must tell you that, as an Italian, the idea is very interesting and I also read your devlog and I congratulate you on how you managed the development days and what you managed to do despite everything! Good luck and keep going! ^^

♡ Thanks! 

Thanks! ^^

Congratulations for the idea, very well made and attracts a lot of attention. Handsome!

Impressive work!《°◇°》

Love it ♡


Btw, nice! :P

Great style and atmosphere! ♡

Thanks for your feedback! Surely in future updates I will first implement a better system for scoring and defeating enemies ^^

Hahah fantastic! XD

Well done, I like it! ^.^ 

I like the game! The "talk" of the little men makes me laugh, it reminds me of The Sims :D

How beautiful! It relaxes me, congratulations and great work!

Thank you! ^^

Yes, for future development we will definitely add many more appropriate features! Thanks for your feedback

Beautiful trailer as mentioned by other comments. I tried the game and it's fun to play, congratulations!

Very unique, interesting and really impressed me. With "little" you can immerse yourself and try new ways to make sounds. Bravo! ^^

Congratulations, very nice to play and with a unique style!

Very fun to play ^.^

Congratulations, really nice game ^.^

Excellent work, congratulations indeed, amazing game!

Interesting game, I liked it!

☆ Thank you!

:0 Your words touched my heart, thank you!


^.^ Thanks!