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This is awesome! Good job!




I fucking love this gasme 

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Cool game! It was a lot of fun playing it with my friends, is there anywhere I can listen to the games music?

Awesome game! Is there anywhere where I can listen to its music? its absolutely bangin

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awesome lil game, I loved the music

thank you!

Awesome idea making the bullets lethal to the boss and yourself, It made the game incredibly difficult... is what i wouldof said if i wasnt a top league gamer and beat the game within 1 second 

Cool game! Very difficult, once I understood how the economy worked it really upped the strategy of the game and the importance of each move, awesome mechanic

Very cool, I enjoyed the game alot it was very hard, I liked the art style of the game, its very original!

 good game gg 

The main objective is to collect as much money as you can. You get money by punching the bad guys, avoid the punches they throw back tho

I appreciate it!


yo thank you!


thank youu

Awesome game!! My friend and I were a little lost on what to do at first but after we got it, it was just a blast. Amazing job, looking forward to future updates!

Thank u for playing! And yeah I agree with u ill put a warning on the site rn, and one in game next update.

Thank you! That means a lot! :D

Thank you!

Yeah I should of switched the level order up a lil but thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Really cool, I enjoyed playing this! good job

dont see how this fits the limitation but I like the concept and the art is nice too!


I really liked this! The game could be a bit faster in terms of the amount of enemies to shoot, other than that really nice

Cool bubble mechanic, ty for putting the controlls in the description or else i woulda been lost lol

Cool concept I like how you shoot yourself towards the enemies, however its confusing on which towers are available to build and how much they cost.

I cant play it! It says "The code execution cannot proceed because unityPlayer.dll was not found"

Duck no ump high??1

Awesome! i love the cute lil kitty

First thing that comes in mind is Pikmin!

Thank you!

lil song i made


Amazing tool I use this Alot :D