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thank you so much for trying my game.

You hit the nail on the head on what I wanted for the dance, I ran out of time though, and yeah the movement stopping when attacking makes the whole thing clunky, I had some issues wrapping my head around the state machine I implemented, (the jump was me trying to figure out how to do a jump in a top down format without a gravity variable, other than that it was entirely useless)

You honestly made my day :)

I've been reading your devlog and Twitter, I'm so impressed with what you guys achieved

Thank you so much for playing, I love your idea of dancing recovering health, I had intended like an area stun lock that made the zombie's dance, but didn't have time to implement it

The difficulty was intended, even though I personally find I used a cheap technique (time issues again) but I didn't want the game to be beatable in one attempt.

Thanks again for your kind words you made my day :)

thanks for the heads up on the missing pck file, should have an uploaded version with it now.

Yeah the low fps is something I realized yesterday, I was rather silly and only tested if it would run on my good computer and not my laptop, from what I understand, there are just too many enemies instanced, it speeds back up after killing a handful, such a silly mistake for me to make ^^

Thank you so much for trying my game and giving feed back

I really enjoyed your dialogue, is this a project you plan on working on for a while? if so I'll have to keep my eye on it.

It was my pleasure to play your game, genuinly.

If you want to learn more on Godot specifically I found KidsCanCode's videos to be some of the best, they taught me soooooo much (he has a written blog that goes in parallel with his videos)

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So what worked?

I managed to get a working state-machine, and pretty quickly, 3 days in I had it working, the only issue was the occasional change that would mess up the signals for a state change.

My code is structured, shorter than i thought, with one hitbox related debug message that I can't wrap my head around but it doesn't affect the gameplay (I think it's trying to detect a body entered even when you miss, and failing to do so is what's sending me the debug message)

I learnt SOOOOOOOO much, from how to animate my own 2d character to how to use various pixel art software, implementing sound, tween use for music fade, how to use y-sort and one way collisions.

So what didn't work?

My limited capacity as an artist means it repeats it's self all the time in the assets used, but the main thing that i'm disapointed with is the combat is clunky my attack i slow, and doesn't vary, which can make it quite frustrating to play, if I had more time that's what I'd change, and item/health pick ups.

I couldn't get the float to work how i wanted, I wanted to be able to walk on it, but I couldn't get the velocity to transfer to the player or enemy, but not only that, it's a KinematicBody2D, so you can push it off it's intended path, but I couldn't get a RigidBody2D or a StaticBody2D to move towards the right as intended.

My scene also loads all at once, so I mistakenly thought it ran smoothly from the get go, due to it working on my good computer, I need to remember to test on my laptop in the future.


Great fun, can't wait to work on my next project, I approached this game jam as a test for using state machines (though I wish I found the time to animate an attack from the enemies, so I could put an attack state on them and not go for the cliche boring zombie trope), and in that I was successful, with a bunch of bonus learning thrown on top.

I'm going to being playing all of your submissions spread over the next few days, I hope you've had as much fun as me, and thanks for reading this far :D

Really nice work, how did you make that intro an infinite walk? I waited for ages to see if it would stop :D

Absolutely beautiful game, I agree with minty that it's a shame there's no sound, you can get alot of nice sounds on opengameart.

Another thing is that the wall jumps are "unnatural", I think most games have you input a direction against the wall to jump off it, and not in the direction you want to jump.

But i can't emphasize enough that I think your esthetic is beautiful, especially for 2 weeks

Hey, fun game, was really happy and impressed to see a boss scene.

When I defeated the boss and went on the exit tile, I just got a black screen, it might be bug, if not it's a shame there isn't a little victory screen or something.

Hey, I enjoyed your game alot, on a side note when you export unclick the debugger box next to the export button when you export and then we won't get the console pop up.

Nice difficulty balancing, just about made it out, wasn't too easy.

I love seeing other people use godot :D

Game Title : Float Defense

Pitch/Information: A Side-scroller, object defense, with a cheap difficulty coming from a 0.7 stagger timer that allows multiple zombies to chain damage on you.

I'd like feedback on :

-BUGS, It was my first time coding a state machine, so i found a whole bunch of bugs, most of em fixed but I'm sure there are more than I'm aware off, some examples would be, if you jump next to the float you can push it quite a remarkable distance (unsolved) another would be when you took damage in a stagger sometimes under certain conditions you would be stuck red (solved), and on the html upload it you quit the game with the button on the screen it would do nothing, but the game would remove the weapon hit box and some other stuff (hence why it's disabled on the html5 export)

I need help with :

- Transferring Velocity on to a moving platform in Godot, i wanted to make it so you run over the float, but It had to be a Kinematic body to be able to implement the movement of the float with means the float is no longer static but subject to the artificial physics, I just think that there's a way with an Area2d node to pass the float's velocity to the character whenever he's on the float and to make an unpushable platform with a constant velocity in one direction in a top down side-scroller

-How to get an enemy death sound to play once when multiple enemies are killed at the same time

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1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself? 

Hey, my name's Cynan, I go by ChickenTown (weird name i know, it's actually one of my favourite poems), I'm 26, and I've only started to program games 2 months ago, no previous experience (physics student 3rd year dropout, then i bartended for the last 5 years )

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining? 

Nope, I joined because I want to have a goal to work towards, to help motivate myself even more, and to try and meet like-minded people passionate about games, and their development

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own? 

Alot of what was mentioned above, been playing games since i was 8, one that gets rarely mentioned but an absolute fav of mine is Third Age Total War (actually a mod to Medieval Total War) It amazes me what those modders managed to do with no funding, just their love of LOTR and Total War

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine? 

Not much, I've been learning Godot over the past 2 months, so hopefully i can make something playable at least.
When i was studying physics I did have to learn a bit of Java and Python, GDScript being based of python means I understand the syntax, so that's nice

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Any form of expression, be it games, cinema, music, books, poetry. I get more passionate over themes or topics rather than the means with which they are portrayed, I love sci-fi in particular (Foundations, Dune, and so forth).

And most recently, playing around in Godot

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

Make a playable game, focused on the theme, with sound and semi-decent sprites (I'm not much of an artist), I'd like to be able to start a project on Godot not have to have guides open to remind me of core code

Good luck everyone, I can't wait to play your games!!!