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Not even considering opening it up for donations/tips, or would that give obligations you'd then have to follow?

Lovely game, will definitively buy the full release when it's finished.

Heck, would even give my money now just from the quality of the demo.

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I think it took me 3½ hours to play through everything. Not sure, logs can lie, and I spent a fair bit of time running around trying to intentionally loose to all the different enemies, just to see who had defeat-scenes done and how.

Was surprised to see so many 'cute' scenes. Was expecting only/mainly porn. Definitely approve of that.
(Example, the 'calm' enemy in the ice area, or the naga, out of the top of my head.)

Posted after playing V4 of the game

(minor) Iced pathways, in ice 'area': would be nice if the minimap would mark them as lightblue

(minor) Defeated by, markers: When you implement the Gallery, it would be nice if it showed on the enemies which ones you had collected.

Very well done, I am honestly surprised at the detailed mechanics and 'feel' of it.

My only 'complaint' was that it felt a bit easy, each encounter from the second 'area' and onwards were solvable within two turns, exception bosses. At the end of the current build (v4) I have

  • 43 Strength
  • 52 Defence
  • 43 Lewdness
  • 19593 XP unspent

Possibly due to having 'High' encounters and running around until I'd mapped each area 100%.

Not saying it's bad, just letting you know that with 'high' encounter rate, the game quickly becomes very easy.

Suggestion: Rename the topic of this thread to 'General Feedback' instead of 'Switch to discussion board' and pin it, so it's obvious where to go post General Feedback.

Addedndum to bug #2:
If hovering over a storage with tools in it (that doesn't show quantity inside), it will suddenly start showing amount inside when that number changes (such as adding or removing a tool inside).

After that, it always shows the amount of tools inside.

If the bots are stuck on a 'look for [x]' section of their script, you should be able to see a red circle.

It only looks for [x] inside that circle, and not in a radius around themselves.

One can only carry one tool in their hands, and it takes up one out of the bots 6 slots, so of course its hands are not full, hence why it keeps trying to take more tools.

Describe the problem in more than three words.

Preferably, by describing what you are doing and what you expect would happen, and what is happening instead.