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I am very manly and am impervious to your attempted jumpscares 

Interesting paranormal take with the audio aspect. I feel the game could have dropped the jumpscares (as they felt unnecessarily loud) and built up a more unsettling atmosphere, but no one could have expected THAT TWIST ENDING!

I wish we could have gotten more closure towards the end. Bittersweet goodbyes are never something to look forward to, and this game/experience provides a very realistic setting and tone to how I think this would unfold IRL. Are there more branching paths to discover. or do they ultimately lead towards this sour taste? This left me wanting to fix the issues between our characters, but that couldn't be answered. I'd love to see a more fleshed out update later on, but if this is meant to be a more finalized short experience, you captured the atmosphere well! I would like the backing ambience to loop after the track finishes, given it could provide the player a more pulling experience. But dude, that ending hurts.

Definitely spooked, but didn't understand why I was attacked by anal beads.

Before playing this game, this had never been a fear of mine. After this, I will FOREVER STARE DOWN MY GARAGE DOOR IN PURE UNRIVALED FEAR! A very quick experience, but unmatched in terms of childhood trauma. 

I WISH THIS HAD HOURS OF GAMEPLAY! Definitely my most favorite indie card game. The gameplay is simple, easy to understand, but is backed with a TERRIFYING, UNSETTLING UNDERCURRENT. I wish there was lore explored behind everything going on here. Also wish these were real cards, because I would collect every single one! The artwork has a sharp and menacing look that adds to the atmosphere, and THAT FREAKING ENDING threw me off so hard! Thanks for creating this game!

10/10 would scream again! Honestly, Muriel is such a beast and I've never been more terrified of an old woman, but SHE IS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF SPOOK. Ramses is quite the formidable foe, but all Courage and I want to do is help the poor dude. Muriel should have gotten me, bUT WE PREVAIL!! Awesome game, my dude! Thanks for helping us all relive our most terrifying childhood memories.

This whole game is a SUPER HARD NOPE from me! You did such a good job recreating the original demo; though, I know it's not 100% complete as there are a few things missing. The scares were spot-on and that original unsettling atmosphere definitely lurks within this recreation as well. A whole mess of fun for the whole family....well, except the family who lived here.

Absolutely LOVED this concept! Each room completely blew my mind.  Would like to see more of this style of gameplay in more games. Super fun experience!

Totally almost lost my cool and freaked out near the end! I wish there were more paranormal events the more you progressed through the game, but only slightly. For instance, things that usually only get caught through peripheral vision and very minimal spooks, just to add to the haunting experience. Had lots of fun playing, thank you for making this game!

This game is SO FREAKING ADORABLE! Who knew making hot chocolate could be such a relaxing experience? The cream and gingerbread weren't very obvious to find, so maybe a bigger indicator could help those that need these items. Other than that, I had such a fun time! Thanks you for taking the time to create this!

Please stop spilling semen all over my floors.

I took what I could from my finished gameplay vid and created loops. No effects were used on the instrumental, 'cause I loved it the way it was. Thanks for listening, it was so fun to sing over it! I'll definitely be on the lookout for future updates! 

ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS GAME! Such a relaxing atmosphere, Subtle, eye-catching artwork, and music that blends the entire game together so well. I loved the final tune so much, I created my own arrangement using my in-game choices, and recorded some original lyrics. SUPER catchy music! Had a ton of fun playing the notes and would love to see more of this type of game in the future! Maybe add a note difficulty option for those who want more or less of a challenge to complete it. Thanks for making such a cool game!

Here's just my vocal arrangement I call "Desolate Home" (lyrics in description):

Scared my pants right off! That said, i'd love to know what the story was about, 'cause it isn't very obvious at any point in-game. My first thought was maybe this creature represents depression or something similar, which the title would make sense with that in mind. I loved where this was developing, and the scare build-up was pretty good. Definitely worth a play and looking forward to future endeavors! 

Such a heartwarming experience. Super relaxing and quaint vibes. I wish the son actually said something when the ending came around, cause I was spooked. Otherwise,. it was a fun time!

This short demo left me HEAVILY wanting more! Loving the surreal and creepy vibe it gives off; which doesn't stop even when you're gunning down these creepy-crawlies. The only thing I would change is maybe add more tension to the mix and have the player dread turning each and every corner, not knowing what to expect.  Fantastic demo and eager to play a final release! Keep it up!

Never have I seen a title taken so literally. I had no idea what to expect going in, and was pleasantly surprised. Though, I was so scared for my life that I actually missed what happened. I'd love to play more games like this; maybe next time I won't try to escape with my life intact. The quickest, chilling experience I've had in a good while.

NOPENOPENOPENOPE!! If THAT is what it takes to be loved, COUNT ME OUT! Such an intense and spooky horror experience! Finding a certain item takes a LOT OF FOCUS! Maybe make it slightly more obvious, 'cause that took quite some time to discover. Loving that pixelated look, the music and atmosphere definitely immerses the player into this warped reality. Fantastic game and can't wait to experience what you have in store for the future! 

This was a STRANGEST security team I've EVER been on! Totally didn't expect this many people would be into this kind of fetish; just goes to show you how freaky things can get! Hilarious game, and will be on the lookout for future projects!

The CUTEST and most HUMBLE game I've played recently! Loving that art style too! The hugging mechanic was a tad bit confusing with the scroll wheel at first, but once we found their sweet spot, we became true friends! 12/10 would make friends again

I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE FRIGHTENED BY A MONKEY IN MY LIFE!! Dora can take these keys are shove them up Boots for all I care. She is terrifying, creepy, and I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT (meaning I love it)! That reversed intro music is insanely unsettling and definitely set the mood for this game! Awesome work, dude! Keep on doing what you're doing, 'cause you've got a good thing going!

Courage has always moved me in ways I couldn't fathom when I was younger; I will definitely check it out!

DON'T YOU DARE STEAL ME MONEY!! The hash slinging slasher is out to get us aND ALL I WANNA DO IS MAKE LOVE TO ME MONEY! Absolutely LOVED playing this, but I wish there were more objectives to complete before escaping. Very tense and creepy atmosphere! The AI is a little wonky with the Slasher as he did suddenly run through a different door while being chased, but other than that, I LOVED EVERY SECOND! It's cool to see a Spongebob fan game without Spongebob actually in the game. Amazing job and hope to see more in the near future! Definitely will keep a lookout for upcoming projects!

TOTALLY didn't expect that INSANE ending! The creepiness factor is OFF THE FREAKING CHARTS! Haunting atmosphere and lots of good spooks! Will be on the lookout for future projects!

Dear Mannequins,

DON'T LOOK AT ME; YOU'RE ALL SO WEIRD AND SCARY! This game just reaffirms why I don't like mannequins. Shame on the dev for creating this nightmare of a game. No, but seriously, good job! This sent chills down my spine. Definitely gonna rev up Urbex very soon! Remember, they're always watching.

I honestly didn't realize we had a camera until I frEAKING DIED!! One of the best Slender games I've played, and would love more in the vein of this one. The only criticism I have is that there wasn't even a bit of Hide & Seek in the entirety of this game. I think it'd be interesting having to legitimately hide from this creepy entity as a child or a young kid, because you could bring so much out of that and flesh it into an entirely new take on the Slenderman;; I went into this game thinking we'd actually be playing a children's game. Awesome game nonetheless and definitely looking forward to future projects!

A simple game with HUGE IMPACT! Totally did NOT see that twist coming at all! I love the art style you chose; it game the post-apocalyptic feel even more depth for this story. Thanks for creating this experience and will be on the lookout for future projects!

Gotten a few requests to give DLC a go! Heard this game isn't your typical Visual Novel, so with an open mind, we dive right in! So far, I'm loving every second. Very interesting a quirky character personalities with your typical male protagonist (wanting to get down & dirty af with the harem); though our protag does have his good moments! Only 2 hours in, and assuming I haven't gotten to anything crazy, so here's hoping to some freaky stuff! Really well-done artwork and writing! Definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys cute, friendly harems, but beware of trigger warnings later on!

First off, this was SUCH an awesome experience with a touch of interesting originality! The game is way dark, but that didn't take away from the experience one bit. I did encounter a bug in not being able to pick up the first key off camera, but a simple restart will fix that. Chilling atmosphere, but I didn't understand much of the story element (if there even was one); it left me somewhat confused. Loved the environment manipulating around the player; I wish there was more of that! Great game, and looking forward to future projects! Thanks you!

Such a powerful message from such a simple game. Loved the small puzzles and metaphors! The audio cues were a great touch as well! The camera was the only thing I think could be changed quite a bit, as it was a bit all over the place and confusing at first. Great game nonetheless! Keep it up, dude!

Prolly one of the most surreal indie games I've played yet! A bit confusing at first; given the visuals, but it's very fun. Unfortunately, I have not seen a single tomato during gameplay, but I'll take your word for it and hope my tomatoes are actually OK. Is there even a story present here? I'm still at a loss for words! Will be on the lookout for future projects! Keep up the awesome work, dude!

For such a simple task, this definitely proved to be difficult! I guess puppeteering just isn't my forte. Absolutely loved the art style! Gonna be on the lookout to future projects!


MAJOR THROWBACK to my deprived childhood! Kurm is too pure for this world and doesn't belong in prison! #savekurmfrog

And who said life couldn't get any better? Hands-down the MOST PURE PUPPER PETTING SIMULATOR EVER. Had a ruff day? Throw on this game a fetch some doges! Do not be fooled; this game can get pretty tense when you're on those last few seconds scurrying to find that humble-as-all-heck puppo! Also, some VERY SPECIAL guests make an appearance at the end of the video! Thanks for creating this hefty piece of work!

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Okay, so this game gave me HUGE RED FLAGS. I thought Nick would stab me as soon as I turned my back! He's a chill dude though; awkward as all hell, but pretty chill. I just wanna know how he survives on ZERO FOOD IN HIS KITCHEN?! What's up with that? 

10/10 best unsettling experience ever