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DON'T YOU DARE STEAL ME MONEY!! The hash slinging slasher is out to get us aND ALL I WANNA DO IS MAKE LOVE TO ME MONEY! Absolutely LOVED playing this, but I wish there were more objectives to complete before escaping. Very tense and creepy atmosphere! The AI is a little wonky with the Slasher as he did suddenly run through a different door while being chased, but other than that, I LOVED EVERY SECOND! It's cool to see a Spongebob fan game without Spongebob actually in the game. Amazing job and hope to see more in the near future! Definitely will keep a lookout for upcoming projects!

Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you'll check out my Courage the Cowardly Dog horror game coming out tomorrow! It's pretty much done. Just been doing bug testing all day today. Can't wait to get it out there. Problem is, itchio has been acting strange lately, some testers in my Discord couldn't download the early release version of the Courage horror game but on Gamejolt it worked just fine. I really hope tomorrow that's fixed and I can upload it on itchio without a hitch.


Courage has always moved me in ways I couldn't fathom when I was younger; I will definitely check it out!