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I wish we could have gotten more closure towards the end. Bittersweet goodbyes are never something to look forward to, and this game/experience provides a very realistic setting and tone to how I think this would unfold IRL. Are there more branching paths to discover. or do they ultimately lead towards this sour taste? This left me wanting to fix the issues between our characters, but that couldn't be answered. I'd love to see a more fleshed out update later on, but if this is meant to be a more finalized short experience, you captured the atmosphere well! I would like the backing ambience to loop after the track finishes, given it could provide the player a more pulling experience. But dude, that ending hurts.

Thank you so much for playing!! And yes it was made over a weekend for a game jam so it's a bit short but I'm still glad you enjoyed it!
The music is supposed to loop, and looks like it even just cut out cause its actually a pretty long sound file! Sorry about that!

Thank you so much for your lets play it was great getting to watch you play our game!!