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These are the “cutscenes,” they are presented in a visual novel style (both in the original game and in this app).

Ah, see. I missed that it was a dating app at the end, but that is kind of obvious. It was on the phone, the heart, etc. And that does tie it together more sensibly, and that makes more sense with the love theme. It's obviously very minimal and that's fine. It's also fine to not have interaction, I think part of my confusion was related to the message in the dating app, which I interpreted as "try again" and then I made silly assumptions. 

I couldn't tell if I was supposed to do something, but it seems like it's just a loop, but I expected there to be some way to change it based on the way the ending was worded. Something about changing to find more people made me think I got a bad ending the first time around, so I was desperately trying to find something to click. 

I also don't really get what it has to do with love or poetry, either. 

I'm probably *not* the target audience for this kind of thing anyway, though, so it's quite possible I just don't get it. 

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it! I do want to spin this out into a fuller experience, and I agree RPG elements are a good fit.

Great art, beautiful words.

We had very similar ideas.

I don't get it. Maybe I'm just a moron.

ok, thanks. I'll fix that.

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> I just discovered you can say "a a a a a a" call it a poem and get 100%

uh oh. I'll look into that. anyway, thank you for the kind words!

edit: I couldn't get "a a a a a a" in any combination of lines to perform very well. may have just been a weird hiccup

Nice limerick :)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it!

Write your own poetry from scratch as a bard in a medieval fantasy land! Wow peasants and nobles alike! Share your creations with your friends and express your creativity! Try to avoid getting into trouble with the aristocracy!

[Bard Simulator]( is a short, largely linear proof of concept and prototype. If people like it, I may spin it out into a more substantial game (hopefully with a less meme-y title, too). Right now gold does nothing and there are no real fail states, though the story is a complete little arc and I hope you play it through to the end!

Content Warning: This game contains strong language and graphic depictions of violence.

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No, sorry. We don't want to discourage anyone from charging for their work and assigning value to it, but for the purposes of this jam all submissions should be free to play. Maybe you could make a free demo or release the first chapter for free or something like that? We don't have any problem if it's a smaller portion of a larger paid work, as long as what's submitted is free.

Hey, I'm one of the organizers of the Twine 10 Year Anniversary Game Jam. We're trying to get in contact with all the category winnders. Could you please send an email to

Hello, Nichuay, I'm one of the organizers of the Twine 10 year anniversary game jam! We're trying to get in touch with all the category winners as we have a surprise for them! Can you please send an email to

Here is episode 2. This one took a while to edit and get together, so I haven't started episode 3 yet, so I'm not sure what games are going to be in it. I'll let you know after I record it.

I did think you were a bit harsh with criticising the word choice in a few places when a more broad-stroke approach would've been more fair.

I definitely believe you, but an example would help me zero in on what you mean. I definitely want to be as fair as possible, and descriptive instead of prescriptive where possible (e.g., "I would...", instead of "The author should have...") but it's easy to slip into the latter.

Hello. I've uploaded the first installment. I'm new at this, so feedback on the format and content is welcome. This first episode covers 10 Step Escape and The Floating House. Next episode should cover 10 Lost Boys, If You Could Love a Wolf Like Me, and Dungeon Twine. If you're on that second list, this is your last chance to stop me!

Hey y'all, just a heads up, I'm planning on playing through all these games and recording myself doing it and maybe posting those videos on YouTube. I don't have any kind of following, so I'm just doing it for myself and anyone else in the community who's interested. I will be offering criticism and prescriptive advice on the games as I play them, so if you'd prefer I not play your game, you can let me know here or DM me on Discord ChapelR#6969 and I'll skip your game. I'm not sure I'll get to all of them, as my time is fairly limited, but I'll try. I'm also suffering from a bit of a cold, so that may impact the quality and time frame too, but I'll post here when I make a video if any of you want to check it out.

Anyway, thanks for entering! I look forward to playing your games!

we dismissed the idea of a "best writing" or "best narrative" category because we felt that it was both broad and unspecific. the best characters, descriptions, and emotional impact categories, in addition to the personal favorite category, are intended to replace it, since good writing and narrative are comprised of several component parts.