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Fun idea, it has potential to be a great commercial game

I like the concept for your game, needs some improvements and overall is a bit too hard, but i can see it being a really fun game with more development time :)

I liked your game, very creative and fun, nice work!

Really nice puzzle game. Love the details in the dice, like the faces it does.

This is a fun and creative idea, i like the concept of cheating without being caught.

It took me a bit of time to completly understand, but after i got it, it is a fun game and is well balanced the dice effects. It kind of remembers me to dots and boxes in a good way, so congrats in a great game!

Really good idea, it force you to create an internal map of what you have seen, i had fun with it

Thanks, i agree with you, a faster movement would do a better experience overall, maybe a time trial mode would add that extra you mention :)

Hi, thanks for the asset pack, i was just looking for a dungeon tileset and this one is perfect for the game i'm making for the GMTK-2018, of course you will be on the  credits ;)