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The graphics and overall design of this game was extremely proffesional. The atmosphere  created was really immersive and those ghost skeletons really got me by surprise.  This is a very well-put-together game.

I really enjoyed the gameplay and the level was extremely well made.

The jumpy was a bit annoying tho..

thanks for ur feedback, this was my first proper jam and i hope to develop my skills for future jams

i acc made it soo that "if (!grounded) if (dash)" so that the player cant dash while mid-air; cant remember why :P 

pretty neat :)

Very unique entry :D

I enjoyed :)

This is genius game design, subverting expectations, i loved it. You also put a lot of effort into the graphics and audio which really created such a rich atmosphere.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, best platformer by-far, the music and sprites were rlly well made. Small note, add maybe a tiny jump sound effect

Without a doubt the best game by far, absolutely breathtaking atmosphere, stunning graphics and music, reminds me of hollow knight. Well done

I apologise for the controls, i know everyones mentioned that being an issue

Ill work on improving controls for future projects

The twist was clever, the sprites and sound design were well done - a well polished game.

I absolutely adored this game; the music created such a rich atmosphere, the graphics were pleasant and the controls were really smooth. I also love how you incorporated aspects of psychology into the story, Well done!

Gepetto's dialogue was bloody hilarious XD The whole beginning sequence was a clever take on the theme.

You are a cruel god

Overall solid game, great gameplay, pleasant graphics: definitely my aesthetic. I've never felt so miserable looking at hearts : P 

Damm, I had a similar mechanic using the sprite mask :D

This game was soo tranquil, yet unnerving; i was constantly on edge at every turn. The music helped create a great atmosphere. The mix of low-poly and 8-bit styles was confusing :P Also the I spent too long on the mushroom level, maybe adjust the difficulty given its only the third level. Overall: good game

Very calm and tranquil gameplay. The thumbnail doesn't do it any favors tho...

Ive never been more frustrated in my life XD

Sorry about that, Ik the controls are very finicky. Will improve in future : )

I feel lied to..... so i guess job well done

PS. love the minimalist graphics


Loveed itt. Every room was absolutely brain racking.


very bad no like jk v good v fun y the moosic so serious tho

Great concept and execution; wish the levels progressed logically