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What's the license on this?

Ah, I had no idea you had those tools for the sprites, that does help a lot. And using them has fixed the issue. It seems duplicating a current cosmetic and swapping the sprites isn't sufficient, I believe it has something to do with what you said about the naming. Either way, using the tool to slice the sprites and create the scriptable object has fixed the issue and everything works great. Thank you for messaging back even on your holiday time. Take it easy!

When creating new items like hair, pants, shirts, etc... The character customization panel lets me cycle to the new item, but once I reach that item the visualization of the character is stuck on the new item.

For example, I added blue pants to the game. I duplicated the original pant scriptable object, and I went in under the character customization object in the start menu scene and added the new pants to the Selection Tab script for the "selection Tab Legs." This 'works'. you are able to select the new pants when you create a new character, but once you select them, pressing the '+' or '-' button to switch to the other legs doesn't work. The text changes but the visualization doesn't change. BUT. if you start the game, it will make the player keep whatever pants the text says. I'v attached a gif of what is happening to me and what I'm describing. 

Video of what's goin on

I just imported the asset Control Freak 2, and it works like a charm. It coverts the Input System script and allows a joystick to act like WASD, and you can add buttons that act like Mouse0 input. So it got everything working just fine. I probably could have done it without Control Freak had I known that the Inputs were in Input system. I was looking under the player "Mover" script but I didn't find anything there.

I have the UI setup to fit mobile screens but because of the way movement is handled I have no idea how to get joystick movement working or UI buttons to control input.

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*edit: Issue is fixed now, 10/10 would recommend this pack. 8x8 platformer tile sheets are hard to come by, this pack is great and dev responds fast. Can't wait for more additions!

In the screenshot you have things like hearts and ladders and water and stuff like that but after I purchased it I didn't see any of that in the sprite sheets?

Could I also get that swordless sprite? I tried to remove the sword myself in photoshop but I'm sure your work is better than mine lol, mine looks rather botched.

 Also, is there any hope for an expanded character sheet with more enemies? I would love more animations for the player like, dashing, edge hanging and pulling himself up, and death.

What animations are included for the characters?