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RPG Farming Kit

Project template to make farming RPG games. · By Lowscope

Mobile Controls

A topic by Chancey Dev created Jul 05, 2018 Views: 341 Replies: 4
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I have the UI setup to fit mobile screens but because of the way movement is handled I have no idea how to get joystick movement working or UI buttons to control input.

Developer (1 edit)

Hello JoeTheHunter.
What joystick package are you using? Is it a free one?
I can write some code to help you out. Does the package send Vector2 UnityEvents?

If you can send me an email with further details to
I will be able to help you, and improve the product for others that might this functionality.

I just imported the asset Control Freak 2, and it works like a charm. It coverts the Input System script and allows a joystick to act like WASD, and you can add buttons that act like Mouse0 input. So it got everything working just fine. I probably could have done it without Control Freak had I known that the Inputs were in Input system. I was looking under the player "Mover" script but I didn't find anything there.


Glad you got it working! Yeah sorry that i'm lacking behind on a lot of documentation. Currently busy with setting up a docsify page for the project to make it easier for users to understand how it all ties together. 

This would be awesome. Thanks a lot!