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*edit: Issue is fixed now, 10/10 would recommend this pack. 8x8 platformer tile sheets are hard to come by, this pack is great and dev responds fast. Can't wait for more additions!

In the screenshot you have things like hearts and ladders and water and stuff like that but after I purchased it I didn't see any of that in the sprite sheets?

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Hi JoeTheHunter, I checked the file and realized I made a mistake, I exported the underground jungle spritesheet at a reduced size of 50%, it's fixed now, feel free to re download the file. There are a couple of things like the blue wall tiles (They are a recolor of the grass tile) that you wont find on the spritesheet since they are placeholders that I intend to upgrade soon.

Let me know if you find any other mistake. or if you have any asset in mind that you want to be included on the tileset, since it's an active project I may include some suggestions.