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Oculus Quest runs on Android lol

Yo that's sick

Yeah it was made for a joke over a few hours haha. It is litterally supposed to be the inverse of the club penguin fishing minigame.

Thanks a lot

Yeah, I reckon post-processing could make this look a bit better.

I knew it would come in handy for some people haha :)

You can see them.

The enemy cannot shoot before they are 120% over the screen bounds. You may be killed by screen wrapping bullets however.

That is part of the gameplay and also trying to tie into the theme. If you could shoot to control things then it would not be very chaotic.

Yeah I made the music, I didn't think it was too good personally, but maybe it just isn't my style.

Nah, it's fine, I was just a bit confused haha

Is it really that complicated?


Thanks a lot :)

I'd love to know how you think it could be improved :)

Thanks a lot! You had a weird bug with your browser, not sure what happened there haha.

Thanks for the feedback on the progression because I wasn't sure how well that came out.

Good to see you liked it :)


I'm not really sure that it is a rage game, but yeah I think it should be harder, thanks a lot :)

I've had a lot of people say it could be a mobile game, maybe that would make a cool video.

Thanks a lot!

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Ah, you missed the entire story!

Done that, still works.

I'm getting royally cucked by itch at the moment, it gives everyone a 404.

I have no clue why it isn't working for you.

Works for me.

It runs for me across two devices and four browsers.

Thanks a lot! I wish I could have made it a bit harder so it was more engaging though.

Really cool game! I love the graphics and the gameplay was very calming.

I made the level infinite by making it follow the player. It is kinda hidden by the effect at the edges of the screen.

Yeah, I broke the spawners on export unfortunately, it used to be a lot more focussed on the teammates. I will release a proper build after the jam if I have time.

Thanks. That is worrying, I had a lot of feedback saying it was too hard. I might have broken something in the rush to release it, because I was having problems with building it. ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

Hi! I am looking for someone who can make music and sound effects to partner with in the game jam.

Contact me on Discord: Chadderbox#9993

This is nice. Would you be able to add some samples to the page (maybe Soundcloud clips or something), so we can see what some of the effects sound like before we buy them?

Hi everyone! I have just released Propulsion 2D over at I'm really happy with how it came out and I think that you all will enjoy it.

In the game, you play as a little square character, and you have to finish the levels as fast as possible while navigating through a lot of obstacles and hazards. The main gimmick, however, is that you have a rocket launcher, which you can use in order to rocket yourself through the levels and hopefully get a faster time.

It is made to raise funds for my main game, Propulsion, and hopefully get it on steam.

It is also currently on 25% sale.

Might just be some dodgy AMD GPU compatibility then. I remember my Vega 56 not liking Destiny 2.

Very nice.

Nice to hear, I look forward to more stuff.

I like the gameplay, the controls are a little weird. I love the look of the boat, but I think there is something wrong with the lighting in the level and if the water were to have more foam/maybe some specular reflections it would look a lot better. Particles are quite good too.

Sometimes a weird screeching sound plays and I don't know what it is, but it is rather scary and I don't think it fits the mood of the game.

Pretty cool though, would play for longer if there was more levels.