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Great Ideal implemented flawlessly,
Still, haven't figured out how to kill the wraith, I will check the sources for it 🤣

Looking forward for more content.

Very nice idea.

Wow, thank you.

Hahahaha, thank you,
Using emojis was much harder than expected, there are not many weapons, items and enemies you can choose from.
Unfortunately I had no time to add more backstories and foes death wishes.
Maybe for the v 1.1 🤣

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I am not able to create a new account, the button seems unresponsive and if I try to input the same credentials I get "results=4"

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Definitely the roguelikest among all of the roguelikes.
It's very immediate to to play and enjoyable to explore.

Catchy Tune, and nice game,
I like the different mechanics that are brought up with the many spells and the limited slots.
at first the mage reminded me:

Woooo, thanks.
I was a bit worried it was too dumb.
Today I tried it on windows terminal for the first time and it glich like hell.
And I still have to figure out which is the proper trutype font to use in the web exporter.

Nice and very enjoyable game,
I just got a bit lost in the tavern to figure out where the potion was and how to grab it 😂
I like Carcassonne and I always wondered how it could apply to a roguelike.
Looking forward to have more tiles to play with.

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7drl Day7

No much to say:

Time to have a life back:

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7drl Day6

Highlight of the day, the CrapZooka!!! 

Looks incredible, looking forward to try t.

7drl Day5 

I decided that it is better to waste time in meaningful descriptions than bugfixing and implement some game logic, I also recycled the Amiga Workbench Terminal Multiplexer Theme

I spent some time tuning the foes movements and attacks, I just discovered that I coded such an amazing raycasting routine that the enemies shots can reach me behind walls 


Added some firing animation that I would have proudly shown you if this form would allowed embedded videos.

Too many ideas and mechanics I'd like to implement and I am not sure I will be able to make it.

I am writing an engine from scratch using: pyTermTk

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Hi, All,

this is my entry for the 7drl  A Snake🐍 on a Plane✈️ - The Roguelike

My main goal is to actually to finish something playable

The Real goal is to show off my terminal library pyTermTk

Yes, everything is UTF-8 chars running on a Terminal Emulator (best viewed in Gnome-Terminator) using NerdFonts

I never made a roguelike before and jumping into the process from scratch is kind of scary and exciting. I am manually coding everything since I find easier at the moment apply any logic by myself than trying to understand/adapt blindly some third party code. Still, it is kind of daunting but definitely enjoyable.

I regret to not have prepared some standard libs (raymarching?) upfront. I am wasting too many days on basic roguelike routines.

3 days left, will I manage to do it?