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Worst moment: Running out of time with half of my gameplay ideas still unimplemented.  I knew I wouldn't have time to do everything, but I got even less done than I'd expected.  Next jam, I will make better use of my time.  Also: Trying to make an OS X build with 50 minutes left and realizing I had no idea what I was doing.

Best moment: I showed my husband the prototype and he danced to the music.  So I know at least one person enjoyed it!  Best coding moment was the first time getting the parallax background working.  It's always nice when something clicks and goes from "total disaster" to "fully functional, surprise!"

I have broccoli stuck on my head, the cat sun is mocking me, and all I want is to catch the taco but I can't.  5 stars.

I think my high score is 8, so I admire your dedication.

Sorry for the troubles.  I don't know what might cause that.  Pressing Enter should start the game.  

If you start LÖVE in a directory other than the main game directory, it'll show a generic LÖVE title screen; you weren't seeing that, were you?

Definitely.  The collision detection is very rudimentary.  I didn't have time to test everything.

Sounds like a bug!  I finished the code for the slam move about an hour before the deadline.  Without that move there were a lot of places where the game was impossible because of walls too close together, or cheese you could never get.  

Did you really make this in a week?!  :O   Nice job.  The art and music are high quality.  

Cool game!  I bet it took a while to design some of those levels and make sure they were solvable?  

I dragged one of the planets off the screen somehow and it got stuck.  :(  

I like how the guy was clearly still walking while inside his car.  Also Septober.

Very nice presentation.


Is there logic to stop the red squares spawning right on top of you?  I feel like I lost instantly sometimes.   (High score 23!)

You need LÖVE ; the game won't work with vanilla Lua.  LÖVE is the game engine / runtime it runs on.  It's a small download from or probably installable via your distro if you're on Linux.