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We played this with a group of queers - it was fun, intimate, hilarious, and occasionally sexy, and I'd definitely play it again! Highly recommended!

We may have taken an extraordinary amount of time at the beginning to find the right pyjama and character images, but it was absolutely worth it.

I also made a character keeper for the game in Google Sheets (safety tools included), which is available as a template here (everyone can make a copy for their own use).

We had a blast playing this today as a little breather one-shot towards the end of our extended Brindlewood Bay campaign. Power struggles in the Small Business Committee, empowering feminist textile arts of questionable taste, and food both enticing and nauseating - this mystery has it all!

Such a quick, fun, and educational game! I got to playtest this during the game jam where it was written - looking forward to future developments!

Yes, Rock Murray was indeed inspired by Mick Rory (and a couple of real-life authors who shall remain unnamed)!

Thank you for organizing this!

You could darken the green behind the white (or put black text on a lighter green) so the contrast is better and the text more readable.

Yes, that's exactly what I was going for: Letting people practice saying "no, I don't want this," as well as letting them practice adapting things on the fly, all in a low-stakes environment and hopefully with the resulting realization that it's actually quite hard to "break" a story by having someone say "no" to one of its elements if everyone is motivated to keep telling it. The game page has a bit more background information, in case you haven't seen that yet. Besides that, every playtest so far has been absolutely hilarious!

For the Tiny Tome Jam participants who want to judge my game for inclusion in the book: The entire game is visible in the preview images. If you need a community copy for accessibility reasons, please contact me on Twitter or via email (both in my profile) and I'll send you one as soon as I can.

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It all begins with a random roll table... And so you find yourselves about to tell a story about an octopus in a shopping mall who wants to find a magic item but is hindered by tribbles. Or about a vampire on a spaceship who wants to get revenge but is hindered by public transport. Or one of the 1294 other combinations!

ImproVeto is actually two-games-in-one. In one game, you and at least one fellow player take turns to tell a fun and most likely absurd story together, while you practice your improvisation skils because you'll be interrupted by a "Veto!" every few sentences and are required to then adapt the story on the fly. In the other game (that you play at the exact same time), you still tell a fun, absurd story together, but now you get to practice using the X-Card (and similar calibration tools) by being the one who has to interrupt the story and initiate a change of its course.

And just in case that's not enough of a challenge, you can add one or more veto variations for even more variety!

Play ImproVeto on its own for a session of up to an hour or two or use it as a quick warm-up of 10-15 minutes during a session zero or before your regular game!

Read more or get the game here:

What a lovely game! I played this today as my first solo game ever and had a year as a forest witch full of discovery, beauty, wish-fulfillment fantasies, and surprising depth when some melancholy of my own wove itself into my writing. It was like a little holiday in my mind, which was really, well, lovely!
I played the version with a tarot deck and used the card images as additional inspiration for the prompts, when I didn't have an idea right away. I would definitely play this game again. I'm also now very curious what else there is to discover in the world of solo games for me. Thanks for getting me off to a good start in that area!

That was quick - thank you so much!

Had a ton of fun playing this - perfect combination of the absurdly mundane and the dramatically supernatural!
Is there any chance of getting a PDF version of the text for better digital accessibility?

Magical Pets
"Magical Pets" is a cute little game where you are the pets of students or teachers at a magic school. Since your humans are busy all the time, it falls to you to take care of various threats that befall the school...

This is a two-page table-top role-playing game (TTRPG) for 2-5 players and a GM, played with 3 six-sided dice. It's available as a PDF in English and German. For further details please check out the project page.

This is my very first game and I'm super excited to share it with the world!

I've played this a while ago (our GM did no prep whatsoever) and really enjoyed the simplicity of the rules and the fun little details strewn throughout the document. The graphic design is also awesome. Thanks so much for making this (and for inspiring a bazillion hacks)!

My group recently used this for a no-prep one-shot and were all particularly drawn in by the adorable art and clear layout. As a first-time GM, I particularly loved the section on starting play. 10/10 would play again!