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AssetForge 1.3 user on Linux Mint 18.3 here. works fine for me.

the console output given above seems ok. I see the same messages on my working config.

what about your graphics card? NVidia or something else?

this would be an instant buy as soon as it gets an export functionality. even at a higher price. landscape prototyping with this, creation of buildings and individual assets with AssetForge and then combining both in Godot, adding the finishing touches like lighting, word environment and shaders would be the perfect setup.

it would realy be helpfull if AF exported models not in he ASCII but in the binary .fbx format. 

actually a .dae export would be even better, because my AF models get used in the Godot engine (Godot can import .obj and .dae - but if I want to specify textures etc. in AF and use them afterwards, .dae is obviously the only option).

as it is my  creation pipeline for static models is AssetForge -> fbx-converter (from Autodesks fbx sdk) -> Blender -> Godot.

this is because the file format has to change accordingly: [AF] .fbx (textual) -> .fbx (binary) -> .dae [Godot]

again: ideally I would get rid of the Blender step as well, but at least converting one fbx-format to another version feels like loss of lifetime. :-(

if anybody can link me to an Blender importer to handle textual .fbx this would be great as well. I found none so far.  

I stand corrected. for me this was a special case of the know issue (with workaround)

starting with 'LC_ALL=C ./AssetForge.x86_64' and doing a 'clean thumbnail cache' afterwards makes any custom collection work in my Linux configuration.

the only remaining reproducable issue on Linux seems to be the continuos heavy system load resulting in fans going berserk.

looking forward to the 2.0 release!

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sure - Unity and Unreal both have. Godot to my knowledge doesn't. I am using an AssetForge -> Blender -> Godot pipeline here.

Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04 base) here. I cannot use any custom collections either. tried everything from the community pages but as you wrote - the collections get listed, but all thumbnails are white or white/black and they are not usable in models.

hoping for the 2.0 update.