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.fbx binary export

A topic by CarstenHintz created Aug 09, 2018 Views: 87
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it would realy be helpfull if AF exported models not in he ASCII but in the binary .fbx format. 

actually a .dae export would be even better, because my AF models get used in the Godot engine (Godot can import .obj and .dae - but if I want to specify textures etc. in AF and use them afterwards, .dae is obviously the only option).

as it is my  creation pipeline for static models is AssetForge -> fbx-converter (from Autodesks fbx sdk) -> Blender -> Godot.

this is because the file format has to change accordingly: [AF] .fbx (textual) -> .fbx (binary) -> .dae [Godot]

again: ideally I would get rid of the Blender step as well, but at least converting one fbx-format to another version feels like loss of lifetime. :-(

if anybody can link me to an Blender importer to handle textual .fbx this would be great as well. I found none so far.