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Hilly Terrain Expansion

A topic by Chimeforest created Jun 30, 2018 Views: 1,380 Replies: 5
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Hello Everyone!

I've made a small expansion for keithdfox's Hilly Terrain.

It adds 12 pieces that allow you to make terrain and paths which look more natural. I made them for a game I was/am working on, but I figured I might as well share them =]

This includes:

  • Larger Slope/Hill Curves (4)
  • Larger Path Curves (4)
  • Path Forks/Bends (2)
  • Stretched Slope/Hill connectors (2)

I wanted to add some more pieces to this set before I published it, but it looks like I will be too busy to get to them for a while.

Free for all use (including commercial). No credit is needed, but it is appreciated. In either case, I'd love to hear about any projects that this gets used in =D

Download it here on OpenGameArt.

The Pieces


x1 to x2 Slopes


Cool man.  Was planning on overhauling and adding to the collection eventually. Currently redesigning temple.

Like how you used the dirt ramp for downhill water.  Going to create a tile for that in the next release.

Thanks =]

The road works okay for water, but it's not perfect, especially if you need to cross a regular road.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! ^^

Created the same pieces you were working on as well as other variations of stretched and transition pieces.  Also created a dedicated downhill water piece, renamed the collection to meet with my new standards, and designed 2 larger curves for paths.  I will upload them some time this week I'm sure.  Here's a screenshot.

To be honest, this pack has gotten more complicated to use than it was originally intended.  I think it will be ok once Assetforge allows grouping, but I may end up bringing this pack back to my original idea of an outdoor puzzle level pack that uses a noticeable grid-based format.

I see Assetforge as an amazing tool, but not meant for nature.  Unity and Unreal both have built-in tools meant for that.

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sure - Unity and Unreal both have. Godot to my knowledge doesn't. I am using an AssetForge -> Blender -> Godot pipeline here.

Gotcha.  I did add more pieces to the kit.

I was thinking about creating other biomes that would be compatible with this one, such as beach, desert, mountains, and floating isles.  Let me know if there are any pieces you'd like.