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Yes, I want that box and those feelies!  Warp speed ahead!

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yeah it says on the page for the game that you can only save at the level starts.  i havent even been able to get it installed yet., ( it working!)

Ahhh, alt-q's the ticket.  I made it to level 4!  Great game now!

This is quite a challenge.  I gave up at the 4 hole, but I'll be back.  Very Nice.  Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks!

Right on! Make trees great again!

Typing and the Dead (starring G Haxman)



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I thought I could fell this tree if I got the meter to the top.


:D LOL! Great mini game.  It should've been on EPYX World Games back in the day with the log rolling!


Nifty.  I haven't figured out how to get struck by lightning yet though.  Im guessing that tells you how awful I am.  Just a quick play though. Quite clever. Thanks!

This is great all around! Love it!

I haven't gotten very far yet, but this is really cool.   Thanks for the translation!

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Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.  I couldn't get mouse to work on VICE.  Ive never emulated a mouse though so I'm probably not setting something correct.  And on Total Refill it seems one "pitcher" just fills one "glass."  That can't be right.   Pretty cool little games, though.  Sweet bass on that shootout tune, Mr. C.

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Whoa.....mind blown.  Sweet monkeys there are scientists in this game!  Love it!!!!!!!!!!

Zap Fight 2! Psytronik 4ever!