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Problem with game

A topic by CemeteryInTheSky created May 07, 2020 Views: 129 Replies: 1
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I tried to get help with this before in the "Questions & Support" section of the forums here but that was apparently the incorrect place for that.  Hopefully this is a better place and I can receive some help.  I bought the game "Dark Salvation" a few days ago and upon attempting to install the game files through the desktop app, I was given an error message, "dmc_unrar_archive_open: error 14: Unsupported archive feature: volumes" I tried looking for a solution and haven't found anything.  I then decided to just install it through a browser; SUCCESS!!!  However, the save system isn't working... I don't know if it's my fault or the dev's fault but I can't load a save, instead of it loading where I saved, I'm sent back to the very beginning of the level... Again, this could just be a fault of it not being installed through the desktop app since there's 3 suppurate files to download.  I downloaded each one through a browser and from a glance it looks all the same, not a single thing different.  I tried to contact the dev but I have yet to receive email back and I honestly don't expect to since they haven't updated anything since 2017...  If anyone can help me with this, please do.

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yeah it says on the page for the game that you can only save at the level starts.  i havent even been able to get it installed yet., ( it working!)

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