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Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.  I couldn't get mouse to work on VICE.  Ive never emulated a mouse though so I'm probably not setting something correct.  And on Total Refill it seems one "pitcher" just fills one "glass."  That can't be right.   Pretty cool little games, though.  Sweet bass on that shootout tune, Mr. C.

yes, the pitcher and glass thing is right...nothing i could say to defend myself on this one. ;-) 

mouse emulation setup differs on some vice versions...grab mouse events, and device on port one needs to be set to a 1351 mouse.

That should do it.

if mouse left (port one) is pressed on the title image, the game is set to mouse mode. cannot be changed in game. steve

Ahhh, alt-q's the ticket.  I made it to level 4!  Great game now!

Cool, did you beat the winter level too?  btw, if you play at the office and the boss is close, you can switch between sound and music and sound only with the commodore key. Works in total refill too. Great score! I am happy you like it.