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Thank you for trying it! 😄

That would probably help! And just figuring out a more stable system for the camera too 😅

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thanks for playing it! 

The flying dinosaur is supposed to be the hardest as it's flying through smoke. So you only have a short window to photograph it. But it may have ended up too hard 😅

You can also be too far away or too close to get a viable picture, and other things can't block it. And there's an odd raycasting bug on top of that that returns the wrong name hehe... I will sit down some day and fix it

Thank you so much for trying it! 

I'm aware of a couple of bugs. Mainly that the raycasting acts weird sometimes and sees dinosaurs that aren't there. I will look over the code again when I'm not in a hurry. But if you found more stuff, feel free to write them here, or in a message to me 🙂

I would have made a linux and mac version, but didn't have time to upload.  Glad it somewhat worked for you anyway!

The plesiosaurus (or its collider) is in the water that can be see here. It should be too far away to capture. But apparently not this time! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe something in the code order

I tried with both, but with wasd it was harder (longer distance to the mouse). I'm not a very experienced gamer though. So maybe others are more used to that kind of fast switch ☺️

I really like the look of this game! and the music suits it so well! Well rounded little game!

Love an endless runner! But it was far too hard going between the arrow keys and the mouse to get the volcano to crush the rocks. If you activated the volcano with a key that was closer to the other keys I think it would be much smoother!

This game is so fun! If it was fleshed out I would definitely play a full game of this

I was heavily inspired by pokemon snap, so wanted to keep a bit of mystery of how many dinosaurs there were so you'd be surprised. But you're probably right that for such a short game it would be better to have an indicator

thank you! Sam made 6 different songs to go with it

lol, I'm aware of the bug but it happenes so randomly that I couldn't figure out its cause on time.

The Tupandactylus on top of the volcano is suppossed to be hard as it's flying through smoke. So you only have a short window to photograph it. I should maybe slow it down a bit though

Thank you! The camera reacts a little behind the mouse, that's probably what feels a little off. These things are hard to design right hehe

It's a fun idea, but I felt like the blocks were falling way too slow and were way too hard to control

Very fun! The controls were spot on, I felt like I was really flapping. I also really liked the little lava blob monsters that poked up

I don't know if closing popups is the whole game or if something else comes after it. But I was unable to close them all (some even popped up in a way that the X was outside the view). The art is adorable, so it was a bit anti-climatic so get so little

Love the retro style of the game! I was a little confused as to how I was supposed to move the tiles since the tutorial only mentioned the arrow keys?

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It worked when I dragged the ingredients to the very bottom of the mug! I had placed them too far up I guess

I occasionally got a lineup of dinosaurs that were impossible to solve ( a green T-rex with only yellow and red dinosaurs of other kinds for example). I also got some errors that the game couldn't access sprites or something similar. The idea is quite fun though! Maybe a bit too simple for an adult. It would make a great game for young kids learning about color and shapes though!

from reading the others comments it seems like I think I'm putting the ingredients in the cup, but they're not actually in it. I will try again to see if I can figure it out. I do want to please these tea drinking dinosaurs!

This was so cute! I was really invested in this little dino town! Unfortunately the controls were a bit wonky and I seemed to get stuck on things a lot, or randomly slide away. So after I got into the garden of the dinosaur with the glasses I got stuck and couldn't get out :(

While I really like this concept, the design could use some polish. The buttons felt unintuitive to use. The art could also use some work. But stacking shapes is always fun! and I packed a few perfect trucks which felt accomplished

I think it's an adorable concept and I love the art. It's frustrating that I couldn't figure out how it worked, but being cute makes up for it a bit!

Beautiful retro feel! I wasn't very good at it, but enjoyed it

The scoreboard added a fun competitive element! It was a fun solid game!

It's a beautiful world! Unfortunately it was hard to experience with the camera being so sensitive to the mouse (I kept shooting up in the sky or down in the grass with minimal movement). But with some tweaks this would be a lovely little world to stroll around in!

I like the look of this! But either the angle or something else made it really hard for me to see where the rocks would land. I would have loved more types of the cute boxy dinosaurs too! 

I'm confused but delighted by this!

So satisfying to headbutt the rocks! The only thing I would have liked is to maybe count how many rocks I had taken out, to boost my dino ego. But the mechanics were super smooth and it was a joy to play!

I'm terrible at it, but keep trying just to see that cute dinosaur again

Of course! It's on me for having a crappy graphics card

Unfortunately the game was lagging too much for me to be able to properly play it. But I really enjoyed the characters that were introduced in the beginning! A little heavy for an older computer maybe, but seemed to have so much character!

I really enjoyed this! The character and the writing! Great stuff by Pandesoft as always!

Thank you so much! I'll see if I can get to these minor fixes in a little while to shape it up post jam

Cool to watch you play! The kaijus are quite picky

thank you so much! And good job on impressing them all! 

Thank you! The original version only works if your conputer can show full res. But if you're on a smaller computer you can play the windowed version. 

The phone works like tinder, so you have to pull the monster picture either left or right with the mouse. The "buttons" only indicate which way to pull. With more time we could have probably made this more clear with design. Sorry that it confused you

cat lazers 👌very cute game! I don't think I was skilled enough to win it, but that's ok! I still enjoyed it 😺