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Hi nelzy!

Yes to both questions - here is the table of contents

You might also find this useful (or making your own as you go)

Here is the latest version of my own maths library (an older version is built up in the book). I'd highly encourage everyone to build up (and test/compare) their own mini maths library code as you go  - best way to learn the mathematics.

Reference code from the book is here - which might give you a preview of the shadows and transformations.

Since the book is older now - more up-to-date tips:

* Default to starting with 'OpenGL 4.1 Core' - that should work on most machines these days. You'll see this as 3 separate calls to 'window hints' to give before opening a window/context with the GLFW library.
* I think it mostly holds up over time. You might find some of the build instructions need an update - I've made some updates to the `` on GitHub to help there, and I have some open Issues to update it further when I have time. Ignore any older 32-bit build stuff, of course.
* If I were to write it again now I wouldn't use C++ at all - just C since it's a C API (graphics was almost all C++ at the time).
* The most common cause of issues in new OpenGL users is make programs comprised of lots of classes  that don't reflect how the OpenGL global state works, so I'd encourage sticking to C functions that are easy to follow the flow of control and debug OpenGL state changes.
* Please overlook any cringe comments that I wrote in 2011!

hope that helps!

Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the compliment on the book! I'm not sure about payments from Russia. I understand many companies have blocked sales/presence. Right now the book is on Itch and Amazon. Do you know of other sites/payment options/purchase method that allow purchases?
I haven't done any translations, but that's an interesting idea - probably more for future work than for this book, since it's pretty old now.
Unfortunately I can't authorise an unofficial translation because that would put my copyright at risk.

If you're looking for a completely free alternative - check out There is also a Russian translation.  The tutorials there have gotten pretty extensive. There wasn't much online anywhere for OpenGL 4 when I wrote mine. I think the only extra recommendation I would make is to write your own mathematics functions, rather than using a library. You can build up a library slowly, and it really helps to understand the mathematics. Here is a cheat-sheet I wrote many years ago

I hope that _somewhat_ helps! Best of luck with adventures in 3D graphics!


the art and presentation is great!

The gcc / mingw32 Windows source code build for Crongdor is a little tricky to get working these days, so I put together a Visual Studio 2017 project, which you can find in the download links.

yay! you're welcome

i believe its just to comply with tax laws in different countries. europe recently changed to pay-at-origin-of-buyer rather than seller, for example, so they need to know where you are to figure out where to send the sales tax.

Hi all! Today I wrote a blog post about using the map editor, with some information about how it was designed:

Crongdor's Steam release is tomorrow! I'll add keys to as soon as they become available. There will also be a v1.4 update, which includes a number of fixes, binaries of the map editor, and custom map launcher for maps made using the editor.

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thanks captain! the source code for the game may be interesting. it's messy of course, but i stumbled across some interesting techniques for managing shaders/textures etc.

I just uploaded v1.3 for linux and will add builds for other systems over the next day or so. I'm planning to include the map editor in the next version.

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Thanks everyone for voting on the Steam Greenlight page! It got Greenlit, and I'm working on integration with the Steam API and doing some bug fixes and improvements for v1.3. There seems to be some interest in dissecting the game and doing some insight/tutorial videos or written bits so I'll be looking at that next! I'll make sure that I can get Steam keys for customers.

My friend Andrea set up a facebook page over here: I believe it's mostly just a traffic director as it gets a few hits but not comments! I haven't looked at Vulkan yet. I want to see how it catches on across different operating systems and if there's interest in the indie/student area first. I think my next project will be dissecting my video game with some videos/tutorial type stuff as there seems to be plenty of interest there. I'm just finishing the Steam build at the moment. Good luck.

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I uploaded edition 7, which fixes previously listed errata (, and has better general advice sections in the Preface and Extended Init chapter.

I've also put a Compute Shaders extra tutorial on my website

added bits and pieces (icons etc.) for building mac app to source code

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released! details here:

v1.2 coming with cosmetic improvements, bug fixes, and crisper character movement

...and done! :) download away, or let the Itch App update automatically.

major changes to music (and some bug fixes) coming soon in version 1.1

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Report bugs or get help with technical problems. The game.log file may contain helpful hints to problems.

General feedback that isn't bugs!

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hi dot(n,l)!

the only on-line reader browser app is Amazon's cloud service - perhaps i misworded something on my website? i would like to have a PDF but i don't at the moment.

short story: it's too much work to get it to format to the same standard.

long story: i painted myself into a corner a little. the book started as a little experiment with self-publishing on amazon and i never expected it to be so popular! the original is in a [not very pleasant] subset of HTML that amazon's kindlegen tool required in an early version (this is also why there are no properly-formatted tables). it was not too much trouble to convert that to a nice epub and mobi, but of the pdf conversion tools i've tried the formatting of layout things like margins and table of contents is not to a high enough standard and/or it takes too long. i had a foray into making a tool that would reformat all the HTML into the equivalent LaTeX but it also ended up taking too long to justify [pun intended]. certainly, it's possible to use something like Calibre to convert the epub to a pdf if you like, but you'll see it's not quite formatted well enough for me to upload as a finished product! i'll take any suggestions for a better/quicker conversion pipeline that people can throw at me!

done! the current version should include these changes and a better overview image in the Shaders chapter.

(2 edits)

will redo the bit about shader parallelism at some stage - it's trying to be too specific in relating # of parallel shader executions to # of uniform shader cores. should be a looser relationship - reported # of shader 'cores' are massively over-inflated by manufacturers

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I uploaded ed 5, fixing errors in angle calculations in the Spotlights chapter, and various typos. Please let me know if there has been a mistake in the builds and I shall build them again!

thanks! the green walls and texture of the zombies are nods to ddave2.