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Thanks everyone for voting on the Steam Greenlight page! It got Greenlit, and I'm working on integration with the Steam API and doing some bug fixes and improvements for v1.3. There seems to be some interest in dissecting the game and doing some insight/tutorial videos or written bits so I'll be looking at that next! I'll make sure that I can get Steam keys for customers.

amazing, answered my question. ill buy the game now :)
im a big fan of your book, ive made the gllog functions from your book. ive got some big plans for them. i had an idea for some bits of code that will make things easier for new opengl devs like me, didnt know how to approach it until i saw that in your book :)

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thanks captain! the source code for the game may be interesting. it's messy of course, but i stumbled across some interesting techniques for managing shaders/textures etc.