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Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the compliment on the book! I'm not sure about payments from Russia. I understand many companies have blocked sales/presence. Right now the book is on Itch and Amazon. Do you know of other sites/payment options/purchase method that allow purchases?
I haven't done any translations, but that's an interesting idea - probably more for future work than for this book, since it's pretty old now.
Unfortunately I can't authorise an unofficial translation because that would put my copyright at risk.

If you're looking for a completely free alternative - check out There is also a Russian translation.  The tutorials there have gotten pretty extensive. There wasn't much online anywhere for OpenGL 4 when I wrote mine. I think the only extra recommendation I would make is to write your own mathematics functions, rather than using a library. You can build up a library slowly, and it really helps to understand the mathematics. Here is a cheat-sheet I wrote many years ago

I hope that _somewhat_ helps! Best of luck with adventures in 3D graphics!