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Dear Anton, I'm an experient programmer from Russian Federation. Mainly embedded systems, microcontrollers, FPGA, etc. But new in 3D, which want now to master. I very like your bool, it is most usefull I can find in internet. Fitst of all don't know, how can buy it oficially. Payments from Russia not works now. I find your book on one "pirates bay", but want to buy. The second question. Anton, tell me please, can I to translate your book to Russian and place in internet for free ??? There is very few books about OpenGL in Russian. The best Russian autor is Alex Boreskov. But his books was published before 2006. Stone age for OpenGL ! So your book Russian translation will be a great gift for our developers community. Am I allowed to do it ???

Regards, Eugene.


Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the compliment on the book! I'm not sure about payments from Russia. I understand many companies have blocked sales/presence. Right now the book is on Itch and Amazon. Do you know of other sites/payment options/purchase method that allow purchases?
I haven't done any translations, but that's an interesting idea - probably more for future work than for this book, since it's pretty old now.
Unfortunately I can't authorise an unofficial translation because that would put my copyright at risk.

If you're looking for a completely free alternative - check out There is also a Russian translation.  The tutorials there have gotten pretty extensive. There wasn't much online anywhere for OpenGL 4 when I wrote mine. I think the only extra recommendation I would make is to write your own mathematics functions, rather than using a library. You can build up a library slowly, and it really helps to understand the mathematics. Here is a cheat-sheet I wrote many years ago

I hope that _somewhat_ helps! Best of luck with adventures in 3D graphics!