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hi dot(n,l)!

the only on-line reader browser app is Amazon's cloud service - perhaps i misworded something on my website? i would like to have a PDF but i don't at the moment.

short story: it's too much work to get it to format to the same standard.

long story: i painted myself into a corner a little. the book started as a little experiment with self-publishing on amazon and i never expected it to be so popular! the original is in a [not very pleasant] subset of HTML that amazon's kindlegen tool required in an early version (this is also why there are no properly-formatted tables). it was not too much trouble to convert that to a nice epub and mobi, but of the pdf conversion tools i've tried the formatting of layout things like margins and table of contents is not to a high enough standard and/or it takes too long. i had a foray into making a tool that would reformat all the HTML into the equivalent LaTeX but it also ended up taking too long to justify [pun intended]. certainly, it's possible to use something like Calibre to convert the epub to a pdf if you like, but you'll see it's not quite formatted well enough for me to upload as a finished product! i'll take any suggestions for a better/quicker conversion pipeline that people can throw at me!

Well, given the time you have put into considering the different formats I do not think investing more time in the PDF version would be worthwhile. I will be getting the epub version as soon as I get off work. Thanks for the reply and I am looking forward to the book.

Purchased the book without any issue. What drew me to the book was your comments on the 'standard' texts, and I am glad to hear someone else ask, 'is this a good way to learn?" I started and stopped my learning more than once using the superbible book, and I have a degree so I am not a dummy. Based on your comments and my brief review of some pages in your book, I believe after reading your book I could pick up a CG text (e.g. Shirley) and implement a concept or piece of pseudo code being discussed. So, the adventure begins.