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End of June. Right. I helped a friend move ($$) to California, which put a hold on a lot of things. I am looking forward to getting started on this. With ASUS announcing the new laptops with gtx1070 graphics, I believe the wait will be worth it. I expect to place my order within 4 weeks, so starting the book around the end of September is a more realistic time frame. I will be purchasing some games to get an idea of what the OpenGL game capabilities are as I would eventually like to participate in a gamejam.

Cool. Still have not purchased my new system and with the nvidia 10X0 announce I am glad I waited. I know I do not need that much performance, and for a while I considered buying a cheap system just to get started. But a decent cheap laptop is $700, and for a little more than twice that I can get something that will last a while. Currently considering Asus and hoping to get a laptop with a GTX1070. My goal is to order by the end of June. I am as excited about the learning as I am about getting a new system. This time next year I want to be game programming and to understand what I am doing completely. P.S: You would get more feedback if you were on facedbook, but none of it would be from me. PS2: Are you getting up to speed on Vulkan? I want to be a capable OpenGL programmer before I consider it, so it is more than a year away for me.

The movie is released in the US on March 26, 2016 and could be the movie of the year. Before you flame this post, think about the CG that went into making that movie (and the fact that the last Star Wars movie was crap).

Purchased the book without any issue. What drew me to the book was your comments on the 'standard' texts, and I am glad to hear someone else ask, 'is this a good way to learn?" I started and stopped my learning more than once using the superbible book, and I have a degree so I am not a dummy. Based on your comments and my brief review of some pages in your book, I believe after reading your book I could pick up a CG text (e.g. Shirley) and implement a concept or piece of pseudo code being discussed. So, the adventure begins.

Well, given the time you have put into considering the different formats I do not think investing more time in the PDF version would be worthwhile. I will be getting the epub version as soon as I get off work. Thanks for the reply and I am looking forward to the book.

The 'antongerdelan' site indicates the book can be read on this (itch) site, but I have yet to find the associated link. If there was a PDF version of the book I would buy it.