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Cool. Still have not purchased my new system and with the nvidia 10X0 announce I am glad I waited. I know I do not need that much performance, and for a while I considered buying a cheap system just to get started. But a decent cheap laptop is $700, and for a little more than twice that I can get something that will last a while. Currently considering Asus and hoping to get a laptop with a GTX1070. My goal is to order by the end of June. I am as excited about the learning as I am about getting a new system. This time next year I want to be game programming and to understand what I am doing completely. P.S: You would get more feedback if you were on facedbook, but none of it would be from me. PS2: Are you getting up to speed on Vulkan? I want to be a capable OpenGL programmer before I consider it, so it is more than a year away for me.

My friend Andrea set up a facebook page over here: I believe it's mostly just a traffic director as it gets a few hits but not comments! I haven't looked at Vulkan yet. I want to see how it catches on across different operating systems and if there's interest in the indie/student area first. I think my next project will be dissecting my video game with some videos/tutorial type stuff as there seems to be plenty of interest there. I'm just finishing the Steam build at the moment. Good luck.

End of June. Right. I helped a friend move ($$) to California, which put a hold on a lot of things. I am looking forward to getting started on this. With ASUS announcing the new laptops with gtx1070 graphics, I believe the wait will be worth it. I expect to place my order within 4 weeks, so starting the book around the end of September is a more realistic time frame. I will be purchasing some games to get an idea of what the OpenGL game capabilities are as I would eventually like to participate in a gamejam.