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Bought it on Drive Thru RPG and had it printed because it's the best looking RPG book ever.

Any chance of getting a print version of this?

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I've always been a fan of superheroes, but to be honest, there isn't much superhero stuff out there recently I actually enjoy. I tried making it its own thing!
I hope the RTP podcast feature works out! I'm curious ^^

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story and the presentation and that they're making the challenging battles worthwhile! If you do get to finish it, I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on the whole story!

I'm glad you're enjoying it! That's the kind of feedback that keeps me motivated to keep going. Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing! I'll take your considerations into account for future updates!

Nice! It's a completely different game, but I hope you enjoy it too!

I don't want to be rich, I just want to disturb people.

Oooh, nice, hadn't seen you MZing before!
I played it a bit, and it looks quite polished and pleasant. But I couldn't tell what kind of game it is. What do you have in store for us?

Glad you're enjoying the game! There are many ways to beat Morrigan. If you recruit Vega, it already makes it a lot easier. Another strategy is recruiting at least on Goboy and one Gogirl, so you can combo Amity + Cheer and give a crazy boost to someone's ATK. Another way is, after killing all minions, waiting for the parts of the song where the screen flickers blue and the Kreepers act. If you can attract them to Morrigan, they will kill her quick. In all scenarios just make sure you keep Superman safe. There are possibly other strategies too, depending on how you build your party so far.

Forty year-old me just released a game fifteen year-old me dreamed about more than anything. It's a fangame Tactical RPG with superheroes and characters from multiple universes, which I called The Lonely League.

The Lonely League by calunio (

The game was actually based on a dream I had almost ten years ago, about an RPG with a party formed by Superman, Batman, Venom and John Lennon. It felt pretty "lol weird" at the time, but as a game dev, I just love the challenge of turning weird silly concepts into robust, meaningful games.

As you can imagine, the main conceptual challenge was to balance a party that included both Superman and John Lennon. John just couldn't be a character that leveled with superstrong units. My solution was to make charisma and interactions an important part of the battle system.

I'm a sucker for Tactical RPGs, and my system was mostly inspired from Shining Force. Since my game has no walking and exploration, I decided to pack all the usual interactions of an RPG inside the battles. In The Lonely League characters can not only attack, but talk, get items, operate objects, and sometimes even shop in the middle of the battle. The diversity of actions add a layer of strategy to the game that will challenge even hardcore SRPG fans.

Having said that, my strong point as a game dev has always been writing, so I put a lot of thought on the story, narrative and dialogs of The Lonely League. It's a 15+ hour game with heavy focus on character development and psychologically and socially meaningful undertones.

If you like tactical RPGs, superheroes, comicbooks, The Beatles, crazy crossovers, 2d pixel art and a narrative that will make you think, be sure to give The Lonely League a go!

Thank you so much for the best feedback ever <3

Yeah, sorry about that. What you played was probably an old demo (is it? do you have the date from the intro screen?), and that bug is already fixed. I even deleted the demo download from this page because the final version will be released soon!

Joguei como consegui sozinho, já que é um jogo de dois players. Vou esperar sair a versão terminada para experimentar melhor, mas gostei muito do visual e da animação dos robôs!

Gostei muito da arte e da música desse! Só me perdi um pouco no objetivo... a gente tem que tentar sobreviver o monstro que fica atirando? Ou tem que matar ele?

I really appreciate your comment! Yes, I'm still working hard on it. It's just a very very long game. The demo was 9 scenes long, I'm currently working on scene 55 from an expected total of 60. Estimated release probably feb-23. Thank you for the motivation boost!

That's super cool and useful! Making fonts look legible in that side is quite a challenge, you did a good job.

Oh, sorry to hear that. I guess those are probably RPG Maker issues, not really related to the game itself. Never heard about that one though!

What Windows version are you using?

Really? Directional keys don't work? Space bar, enter, esc? That's odd.

I'm very happy to hear that! And congratulations on getting the therapist ending, I know it's not easy!

I’m really not sure which of the things he pulled out that startled you. Glad you like the game!

This game is super cute. Awesome nostalgic aesthetics.


I can't believe 16x16 can look so good. This was a life saver!

I truly appreciate your message.

I am aware that the mood/anxiety/thoughts mechanics can make the game quite punishing, but it's a risk I was willing to take because there was a message to be delivered. I would say the peak of my satisfaction as a dev is knowing the message came accross in a meaningful way for someone. Your feedback made me happy!

You have no idea how welcome and motivating your feedback is! Yours are the words of an angel. And I especially like the specific aspects you seem to have liked, because they are exactly my focus and the parts that get better throughout the game. I'm positive you'll like the full thing!

After finishing my last game THERAPIST: Mind Manager, I realized the type of game I usually make is not the type of game I usually play. Having been somewhat disappointed with the reception of my past games but not enough to quit my love for gamemaking, I decided to make the game I would want to play myself. So I'm making a comicbook-inspired superhero tactical RPG called The Lonely League.

The Lonely League by calunio (

The game alternates between comicbook-style cutscenes and SRPG battles, heavily inspired on games like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics. I'm pretty proud that I'm able to program a tactical battle system. Not an easy task, but I'm happy with it.

This is the first public demo of the game. It should be 30 minutes long. I'm still dealing with balancing issues, and any feedback in that regard is very welcome!

Love the concept! Very clever level design. Topzera.

In case you hadn't noticed, this was an April Fools joke!

Nice, that'll come in handy!
I'd really like if the file came with sprite sheets as well, not just each icon in a separate file. Having them all in a single file (or files grouped by category) would make it much easier to browse.

I love this game, just the kind of game that gets me addicted. It's not hard per se, but the mechanics would be so much better with a mouse instead of keyboard, so it's somewhat clunky. Still love the concept.

I'm really glad you liked it! This is probably my boldest game, although much of its tough content is either hidden or later in the game. Maybe I hid it too well, because not many players have captured the subtext yet. Looking forward to hearing your opinion after you finish too!

I'm glad you like it! Well, that therapist's life is supposed to feel somewhat difficulty and struggling. But don't worry, you keep playing after you run out of money. Just more stressed. It's all about the choices.

Fixed. Thank you!

It's amazing how you managed to create a vivid setting with just two maps. Really enjoyed the experience!

That's odd. I just tested and it worked fine. Try again clicking normal download button. If it doesn't work, try other platforms like gamejolt.

Thanks a bunch for this fun LP, and also for helping this game get out of shadows. It's a somewhat slow game, so the first days are relatively "controversy-safe" hahaha! It gets more intense from day 7.

This game really transported me to another world, and I love that about games.