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I’m looking to support game or other software development for a small-to-medium-sized team or company. I can weigh in on systems problem-solving, take care of basic utility code, or just bug test software.


I was trained as a mechanical engineer, with a strong grounding in programming and physics simulation. My unusual training means I can bring fresh insights to your development cycle to break long-standing roadblocks. I’ve built several small-scale games and tech demos for game systems, proving I can solve unfamiliar problems with a little research and methodical reasoning. I have provided links to a few portfolio projects at the bottom of this post.


Although this is work I would do for fun if I could, I need to eat, so I cannot accept jobs which delay first payment longer than 2 weeks. If you are interested, please reply in the comments below.


Happy Thought: A fun crafting-and-fleeing survival game with procedurally-generated map and emergent enemy behavior.


Snake Killer: A mobile game developed in one day. Tap the bottom of the screen to kill ground snakes and the top of the screen to kill sky snakes. Screen may not format correctly on all mobile devices.


Vespa: A 3-D game engine implemented within the 2-D development environment of Construct 2. I have linked to an article I wrote explaining the engine.

This looks quite compelling! Downloading now, and I'll play tonight.

I want to respond to Jupiter Hadley's comment, but I don't know how, so I'm putting it here.

Hi, Jupi! Thanks for playing and commenting. The character is actually just supposed to be a low-res person. This game was definitely not finished, but your comment that it's fun to explore the world is enough to let me know it could have become a fun game, and that's enough for me. Thanks for playing all the games, I think it really helped the jam, and I know it couldn't have been easy to play 400 different games over such a short time.