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Hey, thanks for the heads up. Ill investigate it further. I think its because the game does some very low level memory manipulation that is normally not done by user-space programs (they make the game performant enough to run on personal PCs). Antiviruses tend to dislike non standard behaviour.

Just to confirm, could you try running the other exe included in the main game directory?

Nope, sorry, the game uses more RAM than is allowed on 32 bit systems. It's a technical impossibility.

You could check Songs of the Eons on itchio if you want detailed plate tectonics. Tho, SotE doesn't let you draw on the map.

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Hey guys. We are working hard on 0.2 but 0.3 is getting closer and closer so I think it may be time to consider in more depth what exact technologies we should include in that update.
We'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions regarding technologies.  What kind of techs would you like to see?  ("writing" may be 'obvious' but what about 'Yam processing'?) What should be their dependencies (if any)?  What special requirements should they have? (you can't research metalworking with no metal to work) Would you prefer an extremely in-depth tree with hundreds (thousands?) of "techs" describing different (possibly specialized) areas of knowledge or a more general framework with fewer technologies?
Keep in mind that SotE wont use a simple civ-like tech tree and that there could be multiple ways of reaching new knowledge and that a great deal of scientific progress will happen without your direct contributions so having a lot of techs wont necessarily mean a lot of needless micro.

I'll stick this post in this channel category for ease of access and future reference.

We want to spend a lot of time on this project. The ideal is to keep developing this game for over 20 years (kinda like Dwarf Fortress and Kenshi devs did). Along the way we will release playable versions of the game that won't have all the features implemented (but will still have more depth than all the competition on the market - see our tectonics demo).

*real* *complex* *dynamic* *now*