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Anti Virus Issue

A topic by Raptor_Milicus created 49 days ago Views: 36 Replies: 2
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So apparently when I unzip your zip file you provide for download and do as you suggest clicking on the application SongsOfTheEons.exe my antivirus quarantines it saying it contains patterns of a HEUR/APC qualified as malware with a low system impact discovered on March, 2 2018 for all operating systems,  and every time I un-quarantine it and run it again it puts it back into quarantine, my primary anti-virus I use is Avira, but strangely my other antivirus' I use for secondary hasn't quarantined it or detected anything.

Hey, thanks for the heads up. Ill investigate it further. I think its because the game does some very low level memory manipulation that is normally not done by user-space programs (they make the game performant enough to run on personal PCs). Antiviruses tend to dislike non standard behaviour.

Just to confirm, could you try running the other exe included in the main game directory?

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I tried the indev.exe before and after I moved the SongsOfTheEons.exe from quarantine, and the window that lets you set graphic options and shows controls opens, I click play and it opens and after the common made with unity thing appears and disappears I then get a screen with "System.Exception: Game wasn't open by the launcher!" error with only an exit option with the the background music, so I click the exit to see if anything else happens and no, it just exits.