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I tried the indev.exe before and after I moved the SongsOfTheEons.exe from quarantine, and the window that lets you set graphic options and shows controls opens, I click play and it opens and after the common made with unity thing appears and disappears I then get a screen with "System.Exception: Game wasn't open by the launcher!" error with only an exit option with the the background music, so I click the exit to see if anything else happens and no, it just exits.

So apparently when I unzip your zip file you provide for download and do as you suggest clicking on the application SongsOfTheEons.exe my antivirus quarantines it saying it contains patterns of a HEUR/APC qualified as malware with a low system impact discovered on March, 2 2018 for all operating systems,  and every time I un-quarantine it and run it again it puts it back into quarantine, my primary anti-virus I use is Avira, but strangely my other antivirus' I use for secondary hasn't quarantined it or detected anything.