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I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:

Your game starts at 11:20.23 and I critique it at the end at 18:41.49

I wish I could have gotten further in your game the screenshots of other areas looked cool, but I just couldn't get past the second chasm on the first level no matter what I tried, perhaps I missed a run mechanic because I played it with a controller, or maybe the game doesn't have one, also the music was too loud I had to decrease the volume in editing, however besides those I did like it for what it was especially how colorful it was as that was the thing that caught my attention to play the game.

I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:

Your game starts at 07:34.19 and I critique it at the end at 17:45.39

I do like the style almost like a paper crafted style with all the different images almost pasted together to create a cohesive scene, however I should say if you would like to use chinese in your game to make it seem that your character is there, make it so people who don't speak chinese can read whatever it's on or whoever is speaking it if you intend to add other characters in the future, or whatever items may use it as lore or descriptions if you intent to add those in the future as well, of course that is if it's important, even if not, flavor text is always good. I don't know if that sign in the Tunnel, or Sewers whatever the starting area was is important, but if I was I would like to have been able to read it, with a popup or something when I walked by it; also I'm not sure if it was indeed just 2 screens or I was missing something; and finally I needed more substance to the demo, to make me care about the character I was playing; but otherwise decent demo.

I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:

Your game starts at 00:22.38s and I critique it at the end at 17:15.39

I liked your game, it used a lot of assets I have seen before in other rpg maker games I like, however I would have like more information on what everything does, take for example the "Main Menu" if I could call it that I hade no idea how to start the game I only discovered it through trial and error, if your going to have an unconventional main menu you need to have a popup for what each building does you already have it coded in with hovering over the "priest" character just do something similar on all the other buildings.

As for any future players of the game I should mention: the Fountain lets you start the game, the Statue at the Bottom Right of the screen is the credits, the Castle is multiplayer, and the Blacksmith (building with hammer sign) is the options.

I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:

Your game starts at 01:13 and I critique it at the end at 41:34.

I played your game and noticed a major disadvantage right off the bat, that I had no orientation to orient the character, yes I understand the feel your trying to convey but I couldn't play your game, I tried for a minute or two but it just kept feeling like the character was spinning in place and I never got in the house or let alone on its porch for that matter, for a concept demo it looks good as a psx always does, I didn't even mind the pill character as a placeholder but the one thing that should probably be changed is at least give the player an orientation point like an arrow representing front or something, and don't let my harshness during the critique put you off making games in the future.

I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:

Your game starts at 03:55 and I critique it at the end at 42.08

I enjoyed your game and do see promise in it, I want more, the story is intriguing as when I read the first few blurbs I wanted to know more about the monsters and the character's background, the combat however leaves something to be desired but with a bit of polish it could work, my only negative was the character turns too slow and attacks too slow, just speed that up a tad so it doesn't feel like the character is carrying around a ton weight and possibly add a mouse sensitivity slider so players can tailor the speed of turning to their liking, but overall a good concept and I look forward to this game's full story and ending in the future. If I may give a recommendation, add some longer optional perhaps even collectable lore drops in the form of pages, paper scraps, or things the character can jot down in a journal like observations and/or memories, as a bonus for players that are interested in the setting, the story, and character(s), but... can be skipped for players who are more interested in the action and progression.

I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is: 

Your game starts at 21.28 and I critique it at the end at 42.35

I liked your game, however I wasn't creeped out or scared by it, more weirded out than anything, however I do have some criticisms, the character is too slow, and a tiny bit more direction might be necessary, I shouldn't have to watch other people playing your game to figure out what to do next, however also unfortunately I wasn't surprised as once I turned on the first generator I immediately remembered the ending from Markiplier's playthrough,  so overall not a bad game just slightly boring and slow.


I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:

Your game starts at 18:27 and I critique it at the end at 29:07.

I was a bit confused for a bit on your game as it took me to looking at "Help" to determine what to do. You probably should have mentioned, what you were supposed to do on the game page, but regardless a good yet weird game, overall and the PSX look gives it style points.

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I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:

Your game starts at 01:22 and I critique it at the end at 28:07.

I unfortunately didn't find it creepy or scary but I think Amnesia The Dark Descent ruined me on that. However I did like the PSX style.

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I tried the indev.exe before and after I moved the SongsOfTheEons.exe from quarantine, and the window that lets you set graphic options and shows controls opens, I click play and it opens and after the common made with unity thing appears and disappears I then get a screen with "System.Exception: Game wasn't open by the launcher!" error with only an exit option with the the background music, so I click the exit to see if anything else happens and no, it just exits.

So apparently when I unzip your zip file you provide for download and do as you suggest clicking on the application SongsOfTheEons.exe my antivirus quarantines it saying it contains patterns of a HEUR/APC qualified as malware with a low system impact discovered on March, 2 2018 for all operating systems,  and every time I un-quarantine it and run it again it puts it back into quarantine, my primary anti-virus I use is Avira, but strangely my other antivirus' I use for secondary hasn't quarantined it or detected anything.