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Haha ! I did 208M after getting the hang of the pace.

Thank you! I'm very happy you liked it! The intro was made with an AnimationPlayer with audio track and a lot of keyframes for many sprites.

That is some very nice feedback! Thank you! We are working on adding the stuff we didn't have time to. I will definitely change a few things. :P

Hello !

Thank you for this nice pack. I used it in a game I made for the Godot Wild Jam 15.
You can take a look if you want.

Yes! the monsters wander randomly, but only in a small region. When you go in the shadow, their region move toward you. With more time I would have added a visual cue and a few more mechanics like pushable / moving light.

There is a 'secret' ending for the chicken in the last level :P

Thank you for this nice tileset ! I used it in the game I made for the Godot Wild Jam #14: