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cactus head

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super good and polish.

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When the steam version will come out?

same to me and it's prob because we are having linux :[

It's fun and have a lot of potential and the level design great, but it's still a little  bit buggy....  5 stars 

OK sorry about the sheeps.....  but both of us get damage not? 

really cool... but I did not understand how to kill to cows I've try to jump on them but it also make damage for me.....

the art style is cute and interesting and the idle animation just looks fantastic! the jump animation is feeling a bit "heavy"  its still great project. great work!!!! 

I think that what is beautiful about this simulation is that it works on its own. Its not a game about creating ALife creatures, its about seeing a life (or  ALife to be more specific) growing, evolving and getting more and more complex. And I think that saving that from the player choice will be the best.

Oh, bye the way rendering a natural selection its really is (at lest compere to other amazing thinks that the developer made in this amazing project) @MIvluu if you don't believe me you can see his videos about it I'm highly recommend

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There are a lot of people who want to have options to do things like: add / remove plants or the option to control bibites but quite against the idea. I believe you need to see how the beautiful world of bibites develops on its own and without the player help, because it is not "true natural selection" and will not lead to smarter and better bibites and more interesting simulations.

so Beautiful...

cool game!!

very fun


I did not understand where I should write these commands, because writing them in the console did not work.

But I tried now and it still does not working. But it's okay I can still play it on my old laptop.

WOW THANKS SO MUCH!! I play the game recently on my windows Lap top and its great, I've also left review on steam. But now i can play on my normal computer. thank you for that! 

Pretty much the same mechanics as baba is you

love it!

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great game well done

Amazing for a two-hour game developed by a 13-year-old boy

Hi I bought the game in Steam and I can not play it I only hear SFX and see only black or red (maybe because I have Linux) How do I get the game back?

Here's proof I have the game

Here's another one


ok thanks

very cute

fun game

great game very fun

great game


great game

very fun

521 kb for Linux??? why?

i wanna die its not fair Platformer !

but fun. 

very cool game 

very fun