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Thank you so much for playing and commenting, yeah, unfortunately I didn't do a good job explaining the mechanic, but hey I made a game :D

Thank you very much for playing <3 Glad you liked my little game :D

Sweet game!
I thought I can hold it for longer, but them bad waters came and I took the plunge. Super tiny idea, would be great for mobile too!

The third worm on the platform was not in the middle, but to the right, so most of the times I hit him and took damage and got tomato splatted. It's totally doable, but it was hard for me.

How cute the whole world is.

I really liked the game, some of the levels, like the tree were harder but overall loved playing it, the musical theme repeated across levels is also a nice touch. Thank you for the nice nostalgic vibe!

I really loved the cute interaction with the characters, they are full of personality even though they talk very little, that is something I found to be really enjoyable, I will try to play with that in the future.

This was so cute, really inspired me! Thank you <3

Really great splash screen, would be great if the particle pixel size would match the logo, just my personal opinion

Thank you very much for playing <3

Good luck to your first jam!

Thank you very much for playing, glad you had fun!

Had so much fun with this game. The green creatures are super cute and expressive,  really enjoyed the way the map is laid out so you keep on exploring the same place.