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The fact that I could poop in rythm in the disco scene made it the best thing I ever played. So much fun, left me with a smile! Good simple game, also love the creative menu!

What an interesting concept, I love the TD element of this game, you keep stacking creatures and you can also upgrade, it has so much tactical depth. Awesome entry, loved the graphics!

What a great concept, love it to bits and pips. Didn't make it far but the art and music is really cool!

The serving part of the game is perfect, the physics, the player movement, the friction, everything feels just right. I had a lot of fun serving food for the elephant, now the platforming part is very hard, way harder than delivering food. Was fun to serve the diced vegetables to the hungry elephant thought <3

Interesting idea, but I could finish it without thinking. The sounds were really great, and the level design super good, bit more of a relaxing game than a puzzler.

But I didn't want to win, the game is too fun, don't want it to end!

This are awesome news!
Thank you very much, just bought one copy!

Congratulations for the release!

Interesting take on the theme, very relaxing, for once the pandas had a change of mating <3

These dice should be a character in Super Smash Bros!!!

You should update the description because I didn't know you have to press E to start.
This gave me nostalgia about the Flashtimes! Congrats on a cute and fun game, really like the boss fight and having two mechianics!

This is a good and challenging math puzzle game, interesting idea! Curious how you can expand this further <3

The game is great looking and the idea is awesome, really fun, unfortunately the camera does not listen. Loved the way the dice feels, also the level design is spot on! This needs to be finished, incredible work for 48h jam! Great work folks!

This is such a nice idea, really loved playing this one, it takes a while to understand how to turn the dice, and even when you got it, still remain puzzling, great entry!

Such a simple yet fun idea, really good executing. Loved the music!

I am the 5th Artidicer!
Managed to find your stream randomly on saturday, didn't stay for long because there was more to be done! Awesome game, really loved the challange, also great job!

Gosh so simple yet so fun!
What an interesting entry!

This was interesting to play, really loved creating combos! I wished it was a bit harder, but quite a good entry, it is fun to have 3 cannons, but I lost at 2208 points!

I have kept the game in my favourites folder!

Love the graphics, I love pixelated FirstPerson games, but this is a FPDS (First person dice shooter) There is some space for improvement so that the game is not as frustrating to never hit the number you need, but got to level 4 and left with 3 beholders that flanked me (on medium) It was quite fun and the music really good!

What a lovely game, this was so much fun to play. Everything about it is awesome, great entry!

Those dice are rutheless, feels fun to bash them, but the sliding of the characters is a bit hard to control. Interesting game, would be nice to see a D100 boss after you kill all, but I couldn't barely kill 3 small dice before I was killed by the D12s

This is a very ambitious project, loved the giant's face, super scary when I noticed his eyes. Also scary to see the giant dice rolling. This could turn into a really interesting project with some more work.

The shooting is super satifying, I kept on shooting and playing just because of that.

Really loved this game, also that you can throw dice at the enemies. It is so nice when you get a huge wave after you kept freezing them and then kill all enemies at once.

This is amazing, thank you so much for making these!
Don't have the money to donate yet, but added them to my collection.
Thank you!

Didn't manage to play thru the whole world if I remember correctly, but played most of it, it took like 1.5h but don't recall.

Every minute of the story was filled with good writing and funny jokes, not only that the story is very sweet and caring, but it has some scary and emotional moments.
You meet several weird creatures and aliens, each with their own story. I was up for the task but it wasn't quite easy either.
Really enjoyed this game!
PS: The music and graphics is fantastic <3

Reached up here, then fell down, after I got stuck in here forever xD
Once you understand how he jump it feels nice to control

Arrived at the finish line in 19 deaths, I noticed that you change how he jumps across screens, they should be the same, so the player manages to learn how the avatar works.

So satisfying when I could just pick up all the gold and double my less, I was bleeding gold

You should allow the player to tap the acorn for more points, also spawn a new one randomly and allow the player to merge two neighbors of the same type, like 2048 meets cookie clicker, seems like a good idle game.

The egg pixelart is really nice, this made me think of a Tamagotchi game

Thank you so much for playing and commenting, yeah, unfortunately I didn't do a good job explaining the mechanic, but hey I made a game :D

Thank you very much for playing <3 Glad you liked my little game :D

Sweet game!
I thought I can hold it for longer, but them bad waters came and I took the plunge. Super tiny idea, would be great for mobile too!

The third worm on the platform was not in the middle, but to the right, so most of the times I hit him and took damage and got tomato splatted. It's totally doable, but it was hard for me.

How cute the whole world is.

I really liked the game, some of the levels, like the tree were harder but overall loved playing it, the musical theme repeated across levels is also a nice touch. Thank you for the nice nostalgic vibe!

I really loved the cute interaction with the characters, they are full of personality even though they talk very little, that is something I found to be really enjoyable, I will try to play with that in the future.

This was so cute, really inspired me! Thank you <3