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Lol I'm with you on Faeryn. His evil ending was more interesting to me for how horrific it was. But I did him third so I'd have Imbriss during the "true" ending (😔) and it was pretty funny seeing Faeryn insulting/criticizing Imbriss after... all that. Pot, kettle, etc.

ok, thank you!

Hi, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything... I've done all the routes, but the location spell results are all the same, even when all the characters are in synch and know what's up? I was kind of disappointed that doing the 4th route didn't reveal anything new in the endings. (trying to avoid spoilers)

I really liked this! I have to admit that Ending B disappointed me a bit, but Ending A was exactly what I wanted. Good job raising a child, Magnolia.

Hey, I really like the charm of this game but I think the battles got too tedious after a while. I would have appreciated an option with fewer enemies on screen at once, or at least have battles with multiple baddies cap out at like, two attacking at the same time. I ended up giving up because I simply couldn't progress, between trying to find where I needed to go and constantly getting attacked (and often dying) while searching.

I really enjoyed the demo and I'm waiting impatiently for the full release! :D The artwork is so smooth and that final scene with Brahve and the tentacles was very, very nice. :)

Ah, that was it! I thought I had...

For future projects, might I suggest some system that lets the player know if they've already exhausted a line of dialogue? So it's easier to tell what you haven't asked already. 

Yep! She just says it'll take a while to analyse it, and I should find some other way of getting people to reveal their guilt.

Hi! I was mostly enjoying myself (I could have done without the battles) but then I got a game over because of the riddles! Since I couldn't review information, I ended up having to guess at the answers. And my last save was long enough ago that I don't feel like redoing. :( I think there needs to be either an auto-save system or at least a warning that something like that is coming.

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Playing this now! FYI, tri-colored cats (like Clawdette!) are almost always female so I didn't even think it was weird that Jan would know the cat's gender. If I saw a tortie/calico kitty in a carrier I would also assume it was a female cat. Knowing the name was actually more suspicious to me.

Edit: I seem to have gotten stuck? I got the bathing suit, I've challenged all three suspects... I've called the boss, inspected everything... :(

Hey! I wanted to let you know that there appears to be a sound mixing issue--xyx is extremely quite in comparison to the other boys. I could barely hear him half the time.

Thanks so much for sharing this game! I had fun with it :)

Well, I'm already hooked! I liked Imbriss and Momo the most but I guess they are definitely my type XD I can't wait to see more of this game.

Hi, I really enjoyed it! I love your art style, and Alicia was great. I'd love to play a longer game with these characters. :)

Hey, heads up that when I tried to download your game via the app, I got some weird error? It just didn't work.

Anyway, I grabbed it via the web and loved it, A++ on the dark content.  I was definitely going out of my way to give Val the worst time possible XD

I think some feedback I have (aside from some text editing/SPAG issues) would be to make the font a simpler one, so it's easier to read. And I hope you have plans to add more character images. Zahad deserves to be seen in his full glory! :3

I loved Hugo and Noah! I hope to see more of them in the future, it feels like they could have a lot of adventures together. :D I liked the creepy atmosphere you set up too, would definitely love to see what you can do with a full length game.

I agree! And the first phase of the boss was actually doable, then I'm suddenly confronted by a complete bullet hell boss :( Retrying forces you to walk through two screens and watch the cut scene again... It got too frustrating.

When browsing my library in the launcher, it'd be helpful if I could see what I'd rated the game and what review I left. I have so many games I don't always know if I've played something before (esp since I'm playing across multiple devices).

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The art is gorgeous! Agreed with everybody else, I'd love to see this expanded. Thank you for sharing. <3 
Edit: one thing to note, the "large" text size often had text flowing out of the boxes. Obviously not worth fixing for a game this short, but for any future projects!

I laughed! But I agree with another person that more precision over the drawing tools would have been nice. I also would have appreciated getting to copy previous iterations of the Dream Date so I could just tweak the expression. By the fourth drawing in a row I was tired of it and drew something much less detailed than the previous ones 😔

Hi! I really enjoyed Retrace so I'm excited about this game :D

One suggestion/request for you--could you make the text size larger? It doesn't ever fill the entire textbox and I'm finding it hard to read. 

Thank you and good luck with the KS! I'll be backing it too :)

Hi! I played this after The Secret of Myers and really enjoyed it! :D I love your style so much. Thank you for sharing.

Hey, I played through and I really enjoyed it! I'm sad the next part will be a longer wait but I fully understand why, and please do take care of yourself.

When you decide to come back to it, I wanted to leave one bit of feedback. In chapter 4, the game says you have "two chances to mess up," but actually there's only one. The second time you screw up, it's game over. Which I painfully discovered during the running away/spacerbar-click sequences.

Anyway, I absolutely love it and I'll definitely be recommending this to friends! :) 

I think I mostly enjoyed this, although the characters didn't grab me. I'm not fond of toxic friendships, and this game deals with that to some extent. I also had a very hard time reading the text, because it was all in a thin font that was much too small (I play on the couch). From an accessibility standpoint, I also noticed one part that had no subtitles at all, when the game first shifts from present to past.

Thank you! I guess the only achievement I didn't actually get was the special deaths one then, since the other two are the White and Gold ends? Those never lit up for me, because "continue" would simply take me to that final area just before I got the ending. Not a big deal, I did get to see (just about) all the content.

I'll definitely be recommending this game to friends! :) 

I really enjoyed it! Quick question, what are the achievements in the bottom row? One for all the special deaths, but what about the others? I could have sworn I had the first one at some point, but my latest save shows none of the final row lit up.

Incidentally, if I've beaten the game, do I lose progress by starting from the beginning? Right now "continue" only takes me to the final area, so I can't get the named deaths anymore.

Chiming in to agree with all of this! Animal 12 also got me, and I was also surprised about the style machine taking me over 100%... 

But other than that, it's a great picross game, I'm enjoying it. :)

I really enjoyed it, and I'm hoping Act 3 is going to release soon... I'd had this on my to-play list for a while now and I'm both glad I did, and wishing I'd waited until there was more out!

Agreeing with everybody else that I'd love a poly-triad route.

Chiming in to add that I also would also appreciate it if the font was reworked. I'm not dyslexic but I have poor vision and I'm finding the text very small and hard to read.

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Hey, I just started playing. I guess fullscreen is new? It worked fine for the opening, but as soon as I completed the intro (returning the bread to Rob and it turns afternoon) the UI elements are full screen but the actual game takes only a small portion. I've attached a screenshot. 

Just wanted to let you know so you can fix it before release.

Edit: hmm, weird. When it cycled to the next morning, everything was properly fullscreen again! And even when it was glitching like in the pic, menus and shops were still full screen. 

Thank you! That's good to know. :D

Oh, I just started it up again and... I'm sad I missed out on a bunch of the dances too. :'( I think there needs to be clearer indication that you only have two chances at the dance. Since I only had a few minutes to play, I did one dance at a time figuring I could go back and revisit, but now I really do have to start over completely from scratch. I don't suppose you have a save file that's at the ending with all the ghosts unlocked, right before the dance?

Sorry to be a bother. I loved all the ghosts and want to see the rest of their stories!

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Hi! I really enjoyed this! My only critique is that I can't replay *just* the speed-date portion that I messed up -- I didn't realize when I went in that the speed dates were a one-time thing, or I wouldn't have shut Leon down the way I did. And now I'd have to replay everything in order to get him at the dance. :'(

Other than that, this game was really great!

Edit: oh, wait! On more thing. When playing with controller, the thing you're selecting is muted/less visible than the thing you didn't select. This seems counterintuitive and caused me to decline speed-dating when I first started up the game. The main menu has selected text turn purple, so maybe the same thing can be done throughout the rest of the game?

Does this game have jump scares? I'm intrigued but after just five minutes of playing I was very unnerved and I need to know if I should be bracing myself XD

Hi! I don't know if this was intended or a bug, but whenever I picked up an item (at this point, just the heart-shaped potion), the icon would stay floating on the screen. Additionally, I had no HP heart-bar on the screen, so I never had any idea how much HP I had--but I see in the screenshots that even in the first area the hearts should be present?

The HP thing made it very difficult for me to gauge my status against the first boss, so I kept dying. :( 

I liked the art style of this game but at least with the controller I was having a very hard time with the controls (but I don't think I'd magically be better if I switched to keyboard.) 

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Ah, thanks for the response! I was attempting to do what's displaying in the gif, but it's really difficult for me to first charge up the shot, then jump to the right, then aim downwards, let go of the charge, and make it across the rest of the gap. I'll give it another go but I had such a hard time getting horizontal distance, and most of the time I'd either get vertical distance without the horizontal one, or because I failed to aim properly I'd actually get set back a tiny bit and land right in the water. :'(

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using an xbox one controller to play. (I also am not very good at platformers/quickly timed button inputs in general, so take that as you will.)

Anyway, I realize it's a free game, so I guess this is just feedback for any of your future projects. The aesthetic is super cute and I loved what I saw of the humor so far!

Edit: well, I made it past that gap and I think I sort of got the hang of the button timing, but I kept dying for other reasons which sent me back to before the gap, so I guess this is where I determine the game is not for me. 😔It's a shame, but oh well. Thanks for answering my question!

I feel stupid but I'm stuck already? I bought the charge shot at the first outhouse, and after a lot of very difficult trial and error I managed to jump over the gap to talk to the crocodile... who says I need to defeat a boss to progress.

The only other area I can see to get further is a large gap where a sign says I need a charge jump, but I cannot figure out what combination of movements gets me over that gap, or if I even have the correct ability for it yet. It would be super helpful to have a proper explanation of how to do that stuff (or at least an area where I can test out the different jumps without dying/losing health!)

The aesthetic is really cute and I want to like the game but it's no fun to die and have to navigate two screens just to try again. :(

I was just about to install it and saw that it was 5.4 gb--I can't justify that for a game like this. Why is it so large?