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I feel stupid but I'm stuck already? I bought the charge shot at the first outhouse, and after a lot of very difficult trial and error I managed to jump over the gap to talk to the crocodile... who says I need to defeat a boss to progress.

The only other area I can see to get further is a large gap where a sign says I need a charge jump, but I cannot figure out what combination of movements gets me over that gap, or if I even have the correct ability for it yet. It would be super helpful to have a proper explanation of how to do that stuff (or at least an area where I can test out the different jumps without dying/losing health!)

The aesthetic is really cute and I want to like the game but it's no fun to die and have to navigate two screens just to try again. :(


Hi! When I was making the game I thought the charge jump was fairly intuitive, but maybe it's not as well explained as it could be lol

A charge jump is performed by charging up your attack, aiming downwards, then firing off the charged attack. The huge recoil of the charged attack boosts you upwards, acting as a sort of second jump if you do it mid-air. It's this game's version of a double jump.

Here's a gif showing how to cross that gap, hope that helps.

Also, yeah, to find the first boss you need to do some backtracking, not super intuitive... I'd probably add some objective markers on the map screen or something if I ever update this game in the future .:)

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Ah, thanks for the response! I was attempting to do what's displaying in the gif, but it's really difficult for me to first charge up the shot, then jump to the right, then aim downwards, let go of the charge, and make it across the rest of the gap. I'll give it another go but I had such a hard time getting horizontal distance, and most of the time I'd either get vertical distance without the horizontal one, or because I failed to aim properly I'd actually get set back a tiny bit and land right in the water. :'(

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using an xbox one controller to play. (I also am not very good at platformers/quickly timed button inputs in general, so take that as you will.)

Anyway, I realize it's a free game, so I guess this is just feedback for any of your future projects. The aesthetic is super cute and I loved what I saw of the humor so far!

Edit: well, I made it past that gap and I think I sort of got the hang of the button timing, but I kept dying for other reasons which sent me back to before the gap, so I guess this is where I determine the game is not for me. 😔It's a shame, but oh well. Thanks for answering my question!


Ah that's a shame. It's all good though, thanks for giving it a go! :D