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Hm what about creating html games? It is trivial for any web developer to see the images that are being used and extract them (same is of course true for most form of binary games although extraction is most likely a bit more involved).   Would I be allowed to create html games and host them on let us say ?

It would be such a shame to not see any more of your weird & cute characters! This is such a nice and polished game. 

See, now I'm blushing. Thank you Sir ;)

Thanks yes it is mainly intended for mobile

Thank you so much

Thank you so much. Yes music ;) No clue how to create music but I definitely want to try to learn how to do a simple audio loop. It was one purpose to come out of my comfort zone by creating this game and do more than just coding for once. Could manage to do some simple 2 bit graphics and cheated a bit on sounds in the end by using to auto generate them. But I really want to play with sounds and music soon. At least I want to have some clue what those creative people do :)

Thanks a lot! Will try to improve the difficulty

Thank you!

Hm maybe it is just me. I'm not much of a designer but more of a coder and maybe I just miss the point here. Somehow the cover image was not as good as the game is all I can say. Sorry to not have a more sophisticated critique :(

Ok this is different and fun! Very neat.

I have to admit that I was not expecting such a nice game when I saw the BLERX cover image. But this game is a lot of fun. Really like the game and visuals! But the cover image deserves a bit more love in order to make people find the game ;)

Thanks a lot! Actually the whole thing is auto generated on every run. So no fixed levels. You are completely right it should get harder over time. Will try to improve

Did have 2 spare hours today to profile the game on Android and found some hotspots. Did improve the easiest ones and got a nice boost on my test device. I hope this makes the game more enjoyable for you. Have some more hotspots in my little self made 8-bit runtime to tackle some other time ;) 

Beautiful game! 

Super cool idea & game! Love it

Thanks a lot!

Thanks I will test the game on some Android devices.

Thanks for the kind words. May I ask what mobile & browser you use? 

I have not heavily profiled the game and there is a lot of retro pixel copying going on :( Actually so far I only tested it on my iPhone 5s.

Beautiful and fun!

Very cool! This a really nice looking and fun Pico-8 game.

This is pure fun! Nothing more to say except: "Please add a fullscreen mode". 

Creepy game with nice graphics!

* This game could maybe be improved by adding a tutorial? Reading manuals is just not as much fun as learning by doing.

Wow. That is a really impressive big project. I love the atmosphere and enjoy the gameplay very much. I personally definitely needed that tutorial to learn the controls though (Gamepad support would be awesome). 

- I had one minor issues with the jumps: One time the player did not want to stop jumping and was jumping up and down on his own (only stopped once he died. It never happened again but hey those rare bugs/features are the best ;)

 "This game really needs music" AGREED! Actually I added the sounds in the last hour(s) before the deadline and did fight the WebAudioAPI to convince those ... browsers to play them (yes Safari Mobile I'm mainly talking to you). Music was simply out of scope for this version at the end :(

You proved that games don't have to be technically complicated to be fun!

That is a really great game! Such a nice concept.

Thank you! Yes Mario just rocks. Still have an old GameBoy for nostalgia's sake. Slam was really needed to turn the player back to the right. I was just getting too annoyed running in the wrong direction while playing the game ;)  

This is fun!

Oh very neat! So polished and weird! I will play this a lot. 

LOL this guy really has a "healthy" sleep. So much fun! 

Nice and polished little game! Congratulations

So simple, but so enjoyable! 

I would prefer if you made it easier to restart after death. Maybe not only have a "Back to Menu" button, but also a retry button that is preselected and hitting space just restarts?

Ok this is a really neat puzzle game!  

Thanks. Yes game is relatively slow. I wanted to give casual players some time to adopt in the tutorial. Maybe it got a bit too long ;) Thanks for the feedback

Really nice game! Enjoy it a lot!

Really like how the computer is teasing me every time I die.  And I died a lot so far ;) Quirky platform game. I love it! Please finish that one. 

Simple still fun. Really like the mood!

Awesome game. Cute graphics and very original concept! Gets a bit too hard too quickly without hints though. 

Cool endless runner. When you start it for the first time it would be cool to see some hints that you should not touch flowers but jump on the mushrooms. I know it is written in the main menu but I just read it on second launch ;)

Oh sweet childhood memories. Awesome!

OK this really is a fun little casual game to kill time in the train. Perfect for mobile!