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wow, two months ago… pog

(don’t ask me why I don’t unpin it for better performance)

that’d… do nothing.

how did something free “scam” you



No, you can make something before pressing “the button”. You do need to press it to submit your game after finishing it though.

Great game for picking up rubbish



Gonna be the one to call it, because it can’t be that hard to guess.

FuTURe ViDeO???

Thank you very much 👍

hello, local British robot.

I think that the font options should be updated, because some really neat fonts, like Atkinson Hyperlegible, have been added to Google library.

This means that we as creators have greater options without requesting CSS access.

New video soon, I suppose?

I like trolls (:

I’m talking about an iPhone on iOS, and the game runs perfectly fine on Windows 11, no need for admin mode

do… do you know that you can’t run Windows programs in iOS… EVER.

Tell SafeScreen to ignore it, it’s a common problem with PyInstaller

it’s a god damn iPhone how the hell am I supposed to run an exe on it no phone that I know of can run exes except phones that run linux maybe

It doesn’t run on mobile, which is what I was using to type that out. And yes, I know about the memory leakage.

Future Video? “How I made a game of golf in 48 hours with C++ and SDL2”? I can’t play it at the moment, cause mobile, but it seems that most people in the comments are saying it doesn’t run? I’ll give a review later.

I was watching the [early] streams and someone has asked this, and Poly said he wasn’t sure [cant quote there, might be wrong]

Future video?

Just a false positive.