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Hey, I was wondering if I could get the first published build of the game. I'd like to compare the original version and see how much it's improved over time. Thanks.

Ohhh ok, thanks for replying!

Fantastic game, loving the recent card update, but I can't find any info on what the 'Love' value on each card in the Codex means. 

The Save button provided emotional support to me in my hardest times. It reminded me that even the most useless, insignificant things can still hold great meaning.

Goodbye, Save button. Rest in peace.



Wow this is genuinely exciting. I first played Price of Life about 3 years ago and it's great to hear it's finally getting a full game.

I wish you luck, Rarykos!

CE compatibility IS currently available. Simply create a 'Mods' folder and put Combat Extended inside! The game should work normally.


Last Liberation community · Created a new topic Report Bugs

Report bugs here!

This is a pretty good game, and I'm curious to know- how many people do you have working on the team?

Thank you for contacting Early Funeral Services. Our team is coming to your location.

Despite having a computer for the past 3 years now, I've never participated in a game jam before. I'm worried because 

A) I don't know if I'm skilled enough to finish a game in 3 days

B) I have school starting on the last day of the jam

C) I'll only be able to put about 3 hours of work each day into the jam

If I join the gamejam, am I obligated to finish it? And is it ok if I turn in a really bad game?


BurgerFa- wait I don't have to sign my name

They've actually added a new game mode called 'Neurolink' in a separate downloadable file.

I built too many skyscrapers. The Earth threw a tantrum.

10/10 Gameplay

Absolutely great game, except for one thing. 

I'm extremely unhappy with the controls of 'z' and 'x', when they could be something much more accessible like 'q' or 'e'(when using wasd).

Otherwise, I absolutely love the game. I wish you work more on it.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined... or it would be if this wasn't 10 years ago lol

It has been 97 days since the last update.

Amazing game, and insanely hard lol. 


You use the arrow keys to use your abilities

Good, but INSANELY difficult. There should be an easy option.

Great! It's nice to see developers trying out and building upon new concepts! I'll definitely follow the game's the development progress.

Hhaha 2021..................

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Didn't really fit the theme, wasn't much fun, and had too many bugs. Sorry, but I can't see this getting good ratings. It definitely needed more work and a clearer tutorial. It is quite unique, though.

Lol me too.

Lol definitely doesn't copy Mushroom Wars's concept

This game is SO difficult, but it's a great concept. Is there any way to beat the game? Also there should be a game mode where you can control the vehicles separately one at a time.

This is an amazing, fresh concept into the classic tower defense. It reminds me of Two-Timin' towers, except you don't personally take damage. There's a lot of potential to the game, it just needs some more mechanics and a LOT more levels.

You need 2 GB RAM free to run the game without the advanced lighting. I have an 8 GB laptop and the game runs completely fine.

Bruh I'm joking

How do I reset game data? I'm sick of having the debuffs when I'm trying just to fool around with challenges.

Well since the dev is here I want to tell you personally that I absolutely LOVE the style of the game, it's quite unique. However, the coins system could use some rebalancing as new players tend to go bankrupt before they reach the boss. There should be a tutorial on managing the currency. I also loved the first Winter Falling, it was a fair challenge but I somehow got to the top of the leaderboard (I think)!

Sounds like stealing

Lol I accidently wrote unity instead of units I've been using unity game engine for WAY too long.

Each peasant you save gives you one coin. The special orders require tokens to use, which you get from killing the enmies with the round tokens in the corner of their icons. Banners activate when you move units over them. And try to use the upgrades tab to get gold.

You can disband unitys for more credits. Remember, you don't need to hire every single unity to win. Heroes, swordsman and catapults/longbows will easily get you through the first few levels with some good strategy.

Wait, when it says "you're the tippy top of commanders here", does it mean........... I'M NO.1 ON THE LEADERBOARD????