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Thanks Mek!

Thanks for the feedback Debajr!

Thanks for serving up some tiki snacks MuktadaCreations

Thanks for checking it out Jujo!

very fun, great looking game. I didn't find the gun though - that lobster wins this round.

Fun, some nice jumps there. I like the use of the light in 8 bit.

nice gear physics, cool vibe, fun.. lots of infinite rolling.

Game looked great, liked the music too. The puzzle, got as far as figuring the dots but couldn't translate it to the lock. Fun experience overall!

Creepy walker guy! Flashlight mechanic was cool, that ending. fun!

I see, good to know, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for trying it out Neco - were you able to get to the point of fighting stuff with the Valve index? Appreciate the feedback, as we're building this on the Oculus Rift, but trying to be cross platform.. hard to test!

Cool, glad you had fun! Thanks for the feedback, we're working on it.

a time to perform beyond one's limits!

Neat! Just finished the game, I like the art style.

Alright Leaf, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to it!

Very interesting, looking forward to the demo.

looks really fun!

10 hours later, still no update. I tried some experimenting with deleting the .zip file made by butler, and re-uploading the file using the website, and that was successful in creating a feed event just about instantly. I don't think the initial butler push events are going to make it to my Feed activity :/.

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I used butler to upload a build of the game originally, and it showed up in the feed. However, each time i push an update to the build, it does not show up as an update in the 'my feed' section... which makes me think people don't get feed notification when the build is updated? I'm wondering if this is a bug...

example syntax: butler push E:\builds\GGJ17\ bunnygun/seashell-scuttle:win

The updates are making it to the site though, downloading the build is the correct copy.

Has anyone else experience this?

Or perhapse it's a matter of time, it has been less than 24 hours... if it's that, I'll report back about it.


Thanks for everyone who stopped by our booth at the St Louis Science Center!