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Short but sweet! Good execution on the premise (though I've seen it done before, you put a new twist by introducing new shapes and angles of rotation) as well as fitting with the theme quite nicely!

Visuals and SFX are on point too!

Really enjoyed this one :D

It's a good concept, and a good and original spin on the theme of the jam, however the game did succeed in giving me a headache due to the sheer speed of the colors swapping, despite the colors in and of themselves being quite good! 

I think the quick swap makes looking at the screen of the characters or the hazzards as pointless as what you really need to memorize is the muscle memory and the platform locations, and it helped that I wasn't getting a headache due to the flashing colors.

Despite that being said however, I quite enjoyed the visuals, the concept, and the level design and ideas presented, and overall I thought this was a pretty solid entry!

The glove is a bit OP by design; it's supposed to help players who need a hand

I really, really regret not fixing that collision bug haha. Glad you liked it!

Visually, it looks amazing. The gameplay itself doesn't feel like it utilizes to "Only One" theme all that well however it felt nice and solid. A bit short, however with the quality it's understandable.

Overall, I really enjoyed it!


It's cute, comical, and has a very humorous feeling towards it, especially the SFX. I felt the character felt a bit too bouncy for my liking from a technical standpoint, but I might just be bad lol. 

Overall I liked it  a lot!

Fantastic spritework and gameplay

Original idea, challenging yet fair, and fun gameplay loop.

Only problem is the lack of tying in with the theme of the jam, but as a game it's extremely solid 

I am a baby floating in space, in a giant turtle's eyes

Simple yet extremely well executed! (Fantastic use of the CRT shader btw)