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Hi! Big thanks for playing!

Thanks for your opinion and feedback!

Hello. Does it work for other actions?

Ok, thanks

Thank you!

Good looking game, but can't realy play it.

You can check out ours

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Nailed it. It was't easy:) Thanks


I can't move, can't dig after touching the button on the level with a button and enemy (second level with a button)

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Thanks for your adviсe, it's realy good

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Looks cool! If there were upgrades, it would be great

Can't quit settings, can't start the game after dying

Great! Thanks

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Is there any way for team of 3 members to have some kind of a link here on itch that will display us as a team and give a posibility for other people to see our submitted game via our profiles?

Sorry for terrible english

Great thanks!

Trailer is here and you can watch it!

Hello! We are young small team from Russia developing our first game. We almost done and it's time to present our game to the world via trailer but we unsure if we got english text typed in correctly. I assume you can see my level in it already. So can you  give us a feedback about these several phrases?

The place where you never been before

Things that keep secrets are all around you

Find what reminds you about your previous life

Mistakes can be fixed here

But choose wisely if you want to see again who you love 

Will you see the whole picture?

And that's how our game looks now