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The game keeps track of how many in-game days passed. Are there any penalties or achievements associated with taking too long to beat the game?

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I finished the demo on Nightmare, which felt harder than in Promise due to the lack of skills and being outnumbered four-to-two in certain mobs. Fortunately, the reroll feature alleviates this somewhat and the bigger mobs become doable after leveling a bit.

The link attack system really made it easy to accumulate EX, which made up for the duo's current lack of EP arts. I'm curious about how link attacks will work when there are three party members, unless you plan on limiting the party to two for the entire game.

Still, it would be nice if the enemy HP display also showed what buffs/debuffs they currently have. It's pretty hard to fight strategically unless you're aware of enemy status at all times. My current workaround is to cast my buffs and debuffs in the same turn so that they wear off at the same time, allowing me to know when to EX Heal and cast them again.

I feel like the game dumps you into the middle of a plot without much context, almost as if I was dumped into a midgame area. I guess this is forgivable since it's a demo, though the full version should at least introduce the characters and the curse better. There are some moments where I think a CG could help, like one showing what the airship looks like or one showing the effects of the curse.

This line of the tutorial says "Sacred Earth: Promise," even though the title of this demo should be "Sacred Earth - New Theory".

Some lines in the tutorial have cut-off text:

Finally, what happened to Gunnar using dual pistols? Are we going to have to rename him Bowwar Myrrine now?